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Last Night I Dreamed of You...

I dreamed of your eyes
You looking at me
I dreamed of your smile
You said I was pretty
As you cup my cheek
Touching me gently
Tilting your head
Leaning in to kiss me

I awoke smiling in my sleep
My heart was warmed
I was helpless and weak
And then I'm awake
Feeling empty, depleted

So sad I was with sleep in my eyes
Tears followed
I pounded my fists with despise

It was bittersweet, my love
Cause you were “my” true love
But I am not yours
Was I
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
I turned out to not be his true love, but he was mine...

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Comments (2)

Lesson in all of this is giving your heart to someone is never aqn assurance that they will love you back.It is sad to have to pay dearly with your heart by a treacherous lover.Lovely poemwine
So well said PoetNumber1, He broke my heart.
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