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I believe in Jesus you know why?

I believe in HIM!
I believe in HIM,
Not because he saved my life so many times,
Not because he fixed my hand from an accident,
Not because he is the Son of Man,
Not because he died for my sins,
Because He is the CHRIST,
Because He came for the weak,poor and Gentiles like me,
Because He sits on the right side of GOD,
And because He choose me to follow him till my very last breath...
He is Jesus
And I believe in miracles,
From Him ,when you call from your soulSpirit,
He shows compassion and always says,
"FAITH can move mountains,
Have faith beyond doubts,
And the rest my friends,
Mark my words for I am his living example..,
Will perform his Miracles,
When you ask HIM with FAITH
And watch the wonders unfold before your own eyes..
GOD bless everyone,
Has never let me down,
Just call HIM 24/7 ,
Remember with your SoulSpirit,
Because that is the highway to his Mobile...
Every minute,every hour,every day,
24 hours,12 months,365 days,
Until your lifetime ...
Are you listening...?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012

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Comments (14)

I was in the bus to the hospital when she called me on mobile .she Sounds good ,a fellow beside me was a christian reading a bible so inspired .
Even with the worst ,somehow HE will take your pain head on
Just like he did with my broken hand and super high blood pressure ... heart wings
I was looking at the inmates in Illinois and looked up Jesus. All of them were hispanic. I don't know who they worshipped before 1500, but it is definitely far better than what they used to do down in Mexico. I was adopted into the faith of Jesus with my mom brought up Baptist and my dad brought up Catholic. They pretty much believe in the same thing except in the Baptist faith you can talk and the minister can marry.angel angel2
Just great to have a fellow believer not afraid to own Jesus.angel
Morgen you are so right HE is by your side 24/7. HE is your father redeemer friend for a lifetime and all eternity. Thank you fr reminding everyone.
I've forgotten about this beautiful poem of mineangel
Thank you Mcradloff for sharing epeace
Thank you prengeapplause
It's obvious you are a very great fan of Jesus, morgen, but I can't help thinking you've gone a bit over the top with praise.
Sir Harbal one ..not even me are above the praises our Lord deserve ...
When Man sees Jesus like a Man he sees just limitation of Human
HE is beyond limitations ,beyond expectations, beyond comprehensions !!

You asked a Hindu about his Gods
He will laugh in astonishment for he knows
That his Gods are beyond understanding by humans
They (Hindus) belief are much more pious and stronger than a Christian ..and I know that coz I am born a Hindu .
You see the people of Philippines pray and worship Jesus beyond western ways ... Almost as same as the Hindus .

So giving praises to HIM is not enough for me
I wish to wash his feet with my tears and kiss his feet ... That is how special ..precious he is for me .
heart wings
godsprincessonline today!
Jesus gave His human life for us to take all the sins of the world on HIS shoulders - he suffered horribly for us. So I don't think Morgan has gone over the top on this. HE DIED SO THAT WE MAY LIVE ETERNALLY WITH HIM!

Kathy angel angel2
Amen Amen Amen. Blessed are those who can feel his love. Its a previlage.
Thanks for sharing your testimony.
Yes he come for the lost, weak, poor, sick and Hallelluyah he is Christ who will be worshipped. Those who wish to live in denial we continue to pray for their salvation. The bible reminds us all the kneels will bow, when time comes.
God Bless
Dear Honi79B I deeply thank you for your comment sad flower
Dear Morgen, Your praise of The Most High puts most of us to shame. Thank you for openly declaring what most Christians only subtly dare think for fear of reprise from non-Christians.
Sky5 the truth is my heart and soul is for Jesus Christ coz deep inside I believe him.
Thou he gave free will somehow I believe he choose me who is not a born Catholic or christian and never been Baptist to follow him.cheering
Thank you for your comment
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