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A Tribute to Authumn Child

Your poem brings fire into my soul,
Gone cold from this Covid world,
And now a sparkle ignite my heart,
To blaze my mind with many words .

The gulls sound their arrival,
The hull of ships are swaying,
The sea storming up in waves,
For the presence of the full moon.

Flights of dance from the air,
Rolling clouds darken the sky,
Thunder roars fill the space ,
Of where the stars suppose to stay.

Tears are falling from heaven's gate,
Quenching acres of barren lands,
Fight for survival has gone to man,
On a killing field of million animal species.

Covid comes and brings damnation,
Across the oceans and rivers beds,
To every foul living breathing monsters,
And Gaia revenge her raped nature.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2020
About this poem:
I have been gone too long
Almost lost in another dimension
Where tragedy and vile news broadcast
With lost jobs and hunger goes begging.

I hope to stay longer
Share my view and my pleasure
Share my doubt and anger
Share my love with one another.

Thank you . Be strong
The fight has only just began.

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Comments (6)

Strong, she really lit your fire
Good to see you Morgen - we have all been living in darkness for too long the last few months. Time to get out in the brisk Fall air here and continue on my long walks among God's beautiful autumn colors and take lots of pictures. Spring and Fall - my 2 favorite season. Take care and stay safe my friend.

Kathy hug
Hi Morgen. Glad to see you back. a beautidul tribute to Authumn Child. I hope it will help her to see "Flights of dance from the air". take care and be safe. Lily wave
thanks Oceanzest
Thank u Kathy , now we have lots of rain
Its kind of good ... used to be like this 15 years ago
I want 6 months of rain ... too hot even for a native like me
Thanks Lily ... its been a long time since i did a poem or even a tribute .
Hoping to do more in the future
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