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A special Candykid tribute

53 times his poetry magic works,
In the hands of time two stars fallen,
He is living in eternal darkness,
Suspended around the dark matter.

He's incomplete and can't compete,
A ghostwriter trapped inside his prison,
His words filled with angst and passion,
Blind sided in order to dim lights.

Chasing immortality throughout his life,
Suffering beyond the garden of insanity,
His essence caught by a supernatural being,
From a ghostly aura of an invisible thing.

It transform into a sparkling black marble,
And again into his supreme Queen,
His adoration is simply indescribable,
Witnessed by the hundreds and millions .

And in the halls of the black nights,
His spirit weaken and soul stricken,
Possession from the scent of Fear,
Presence denied in the space of time.

But nothing compares from the history of earth,
Can stop the power of his neverending love,
Alas nothing is quite as it seems,
From the shadows dancing from within.

In the midst of the gigantic Candy Horse constellation,
God is not invisible because I see him clearly in candy's Christian face!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2017
About this poem:
A special tribute and dedication to a specific and special friend and motivational poet who never holds back any punches ...except for me

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Comments (24)

godsprincessonline today!
He is truly a very devote Christian and was named very appropriately.

Nice tribute.

Kathy teddybear
Yes Kathy what you say is absolutely true and thank you
An awesome tribute to an awesome gentleman... still sharing the love for everyone my dear friend through your words. Just dropping by after more than 2 years...glad to see familiar faces! wine: thumbs up
hi Kittyhawk Kathy..I'm so happy to hear from you again . give my love to Nuhawk too.
Glad to be back since they change the format again ...still having problems posting my poems

now I don't know how to add pics and change colors ...I miss the old format was mobile friendly.
I am back again .
thanks you and do drop in ....handshake
godsprincessonline today!
See the IMG at the bottom? You go to the picture on the Internet you want to use, click right on the picture for a menu - click on "View Image Info" and it will bring up a box of a list of sites - the highlighted one you need to right click on and copy - then come back to CS and paste that site code into the IMG box!

I am unsure if words can appropriately describe the feeling that I felt just now as I read this dedication. Danesh, you have been, and continue to be an amazingly unique and selfless addition to this myriad of a corner for poetry. We have been friends here for several years now, yet you still remain somewhat elusive, which makes this tribute all the more special to me. The level of investigations that you have delved into my writings that has enabled you to write such specific details into this is truly astounding. You have artistically woven poem titles and content of mine that have resulted in a very fine piece of poetry that has enough merit and quality to stand on its own, even if it were not of my origin, which really makes it all the more special to me. I truly thank you for the level of insight that you have displayed here, it is a true work of art. You are a very special and considerate person to have constructed such an insightful piece of poetry. Thank you are a true friend, and I am thrilled by this thoughtful consideration. .....cheers
Both of you very special poets hug teddybear
Thanks again Kathy Redex ....
This is the highest honour any poet can receive and I'm on the moon now !
Thank you Christian and I wrote earlier a long response but this site wipe all of it clean !!!frustrated
I borrowed your words and with my tiny gift some kind of magic came forth and this was my best poem ever . You are like a lighthouse I look upon when I come here . you gave your honest and best opinion to some where close to 34,000 poems ... less I think laugh

Thank you for your insights and wisdom .
It was my humblest honour to compose this truly inspiring and magical poem .
That's the power of the Poetry Corner .
For many that read this poem I will now give some easter eggs (clues) as to what Christian was commenting about this poem .....

The level of investigations that you have delved into my writings that has enabled you to write such specific details into this is truly astounding. You have artistically woven poem titles and content of mine that have resulted in a very fine piece of poetry

I borrowed some of his works in words from his titles and hidden gems within the poems .

A fan of his can point out which of these treasures are within this poem .

53 times his poetry magic works,
what is means was He compose 53 poems .

In the midst of the gigantic Candy Horse constellation,
A poem that both Liam (dark horse) and Christian compose together .

It was worth every min working on this .
For others curious enough to find out have only to check his works to find out ....ha ha ha
peace cheers
Nice tribute to candykidcheering
hey buddy thanks for commenting mcradloff
I was scrolling through some of my old writings and lo and behold, there you were Danesh.....I wanted to personally thank you once again for this outstanding tribute. I do hope all is well brother. Keep in touch.......thumbs up
southmiami4321online today!
Very nice poem Morgen dedicated to a friend. Only real poets are inspired like this. Christian's poems are unique and this tribute validates it. Thanks for sharing this amazing write. SMwave
SM thank you for your comment
How are you ...heard its bad over there
Stay safe under Jesus wings ...
Thanks again Christian the Shepherd of poetry corner .applause
Beautifully written.......tribute to a great person and talented guy....... applause
Thank you Yankee4You cheering peace wave
Rachael_0622online now!

Great tribute to
candy kid
You are a superb poet!!!!!!!!!!
cheering peace cheering
Rachael_0622online now!
Very very very proud of you
Wish i could shake your
Hand much respect for you
God Bless
Rachael_0622online now!
You are a true Christian
A peacemaker
Not a warrior
w class grace
My respect
Rachael_0622online now!

Wow just in time for easter
The Christ centered home
Vs Satan the trouble maker
God bless
Rachael_0622cheering teddybear
Many many thanks racheal handshake
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