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Christmas Morn

When at last that first crack of dawn
Opens light in the still starry night
When the sleepy silence has broken
And the dawn breeze begins to stir
That overgrown limb on the lilac bush
Starts scratching against the door
When the ol’ tea kettle starts to whistle
And then begins to rattle on the stove
When the little feet begin to pitter-patter
Up and down and over the roof some more
When oh when is it …..finally time yet
To crawl out from under covers on our beds
And peek around the living room door
Can you make out how many gifts
There are now under the tree on the floor
Oh It is time I say so lets rise and shine
There’s just no way we can wait any more
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2019
About this poem:
To all my fellow poets and friends on CS " Merry Christmas 2019 "

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Comments (5)

Merry Christmas cheers
godsprincessonline today!
Merry Christmas Yankee Chris. Have a Happy and Blessed Christmas Day.

Kathy gingerbread
Very enjoyable festive poem Chris...Merry Christmas to you and all here too applause
niah9online today!
Great seasonal poem Yankee.....that told the story as it is in many homes today and well as our memories....Loved it....Kathy NZwave santa waving
Beautiful poem brought back some of the beautiful memories I still hold . Happy New Year .Chris wine
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