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Madtat 29 an old pen

He loves zombies,
He loves songs,
He lives for poetry,
In his own special way.

An old pen,
A great friend,
With a sturdy hand,
He writes with strength.

There is guts and soul,
There is hell and ghouls,
There is a story to tell,
Let's wait for his spell....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2019
About this poem:
A special tribute to you Madtat29

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Comments (8)

a very good tribute too well done you you have him to a teeteddybear
Guts and soul and blood too! laugh Some of his pictures! He knows what I'm talking about. Yes Morgen you know him well.

Kathy head banger
That was nice of you to do a poem for Madtat29.applause
Well done Morgen90210. you brought a good rhyme to a poem. Regards, Lilly :-) dancing
Thank you for that Exred
I hope he likes it heart wings
Those are his works
Thank you Kathy teddybear
Thank you Mcradloff handshake
I dont know if I've done one for you?confused
If not one day soon wave
Thank you so much Salamuna
I tried coz I love to ryhme
It gives a kind a sweetness
To my ears
And happiness to my heart
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