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If only you wouldn't look at me that way
I'd rather see a cold dark look of pure distain,,
Than to have you look right through me,
As if I never meant anything to you..
at all..
Shout angry words at me ,
and tell me how much I hurt you..
But whatever you do.. please don't
dismiss me, with your eyes,

Because truth be told,
the opposite of love is not hate..
It's indifference...
And it breaks my heart..
To have to see it
over and over again..
And everyday, in your eyes.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2010

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Comments (12)

Very true QS Indifference
very painfull. Well written
as usual.angel thumbs up hug teddybear
Thank-you L.. for your comments... very insightful of you.. hug teddybear bouquet
trurorobonline now!
yes love and hate are emotions we live with, indifference is as if you dont exist, which is worse, well said QSF
QuietStorm - strong poem about a painful feeling we've all experienced.applause
Hi and thanks Rob.. thanks for your comments.. Much appreciated.. hug teddybear
Thank-you Jazzy.. yes although something I I would wish that nobody should ever experience.. hug bouquet
HotrodLarrysonline today!
Very nice, I think much of it is That we just keep letting in WRONG ONES In... but we must walk on, till the Right one comes along, and maybe a long wait... but It Will happen in its own time frame, Very Selective Shopping is a Must...For a life long Partner. G-Day!drinking
Just Wait for the right Sign! popcorn
you really got to the core of it with this
The pain of this cuts to the core ....It slashes one to shreds.
When once those same eyes viewed one with love overflowing then to to have them look at you as if you do not exist,with disdain, Its worse than hating......I like this.Paloma
You know you are right. Indifference is one of the worse ways to be treated when you care about someone. Sorry I missed this poem. But I found it applause thumbs up
Very heartfelt, and very true. Having an ex 'look through you' is a terrible and painful thing to endure ~ but it is even more painful when it is being done by someone you are still involved with, and who you still love.

southmiami4321online today!
More difficult even when you are still in love with the father of your kids or vicerverse. You are still bonded.Have friends in that case, not me we get along well for the cause. Mature enough to understand that.You have to open your eyes and see that THERE IS NO LOVE THERE.Meanwhile you are tormenting yourself for no reason. It is hard to see that but it will come to pass. hug comfort
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