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Don't Kiss Them Goodbye

It's been a little while since my beloved was here
As I sit and think about the love we shared
I know that I can't bring back his life
I'm also aware that I can talk to him still now

For it's never a time to kiss him Goodbye
We don't have all the answers in our life
I'm sure that he is happy where he is
As I look to the heavens and see the light

The light is peaking in where the shadow was
Filling the Heart with a warm glow
Leaving a lasting impression upon my soul
As we hear the music of the spheres play

Don't Kiss Them Goodbye for they are here
Still walking amongst us in spirit
As we walk through our grieving time
And we come out the other side with peacefulness

It's a journey that plays havoc with our emotions
This aspect of life gives us the greatest trouble
Yet, it's the one that stretches us the most
To be our best potential and rise to the challenge

Of keeping ourselves disciplined to take care
Helping ourselves get well in the process
To become all we are meant to be on this planet
As we reach the summit champions of our life

Don't Kiss them Goodbye because we need them
To always be close by to guide and protect
Us from the harm of unconscious folks who
Don't recognize what their actions have created

Kiss them Hello as you open your eyes each day
Saying a prayer that we may do the will of God
And always think that we are on the way
To meeting these spirits and kissing them Hello...

Love Always
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
About this poem:
It's about the loss of a loved one. I wrote it because people have a difficult time letting go. They also have a difficult time with remembering that their loved one is still very near to them and I wanted to bridge that gap for them. I feel wonderful when I can be a channel for such beautiful messages.

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