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The Spiritual Foundling...

The spiritual foundling woke up in a trash heap in a dusty rural town of a forgotten continent when he was not yet past Shakespeare’s proverbial ‘first stage’ of life,
One of the first memories he has is of stealing the H2O-merchant’s horse and water-tank and running wild through the village like some modern charioteer,
Of course, he got the whipping of his life for it by his mother, but, “hell...”, the ride was worth it...,
This experience, some half a century later, kind of set the tone for the tapestry of his life...

During the first few months of school, his elders discovered that he could not see the blackboard and or read the pages of the readers,
Spectacles and vision, at last catapulted him from last in class to first, a title he never lost for the rest of his school career,
In those days of yester-year, he was the only kid in school with specs, so ridicule from the other kids and the epithet ‘four-eyes’, bit deep into his psyche, leaving emotional wounds that still hinder him, setting him up for a life of ‘being-different’ and a cosmic kind of loneliness...

From the fringes, he watched with an aching heart, as the other kids frolicked, beclothed with fun and laughter, as he reticently held himself back,
He was, after all, ‘different’,
And being a harmonious soul, he avoided conflict by lingering in the grey areas...

Fast-forward, past lonely teens, young adulthood, marriage, children, higher education, career, mortgages, etc., etc...,
Inside he’s still the lonely little boy,
Still seeking the community that he knows will heal him,
Suddenly whilst watching an episode of the TV series ‘Northern Exposure’, the truth finally gets through to him,
He will never find the community he seeks, unless he takes the initiative to found and build it himself from scratch...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2010

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Comments (17)

Hi, Earlgreytea,
Healing the Child Within is a life-long task of becoming. May we all get some ‘Northern Exposure’ and start building. Thank you for sharing.
You're sooo right, Massachusetts..., thanks for the comment...
so sad but true.
A wise, witty and wonderful write.The comic loneliness, alienation are tough, nobody understands this more than I do, but we agreed to be wanderers and the stakes have never been higher,
Carol xx
I harbor a very close appreciation for this. thumbs up
as usual Earl, a well written, reflective piece. Northern Exposure had a similar effect on me...great show, great showing.
Thanks for your comment, 'Iamtheone'...
trurorobonline now!
another very true and enjoyable read!!
Thank you for your thoughtfull comment, Carol...
all too often, I see kids like this at my school, heartbreaking. though true that many irresponsible parents may be somewhat responsible for this condition, keep in mind that they (parents) too, are oftimes unaware of 'the big picture'. without capacity to recognize culpability nor capabilty. among other symptomatic indicative classifications (though one can't really classify everything, we humans try do it to try to avoid confusing ourselves), many of us can see the classic, ill garbed, hygienically challenged child, left on the sidelines of life, lacking confidence. especially sad, for their lot may often be more easily improvable (all they may need is another to believe in them and provide them the tools so that they may begin to believe in themselves and possibly thrive, having friends could be all another may need for this, as well). then there is the much more difficult to recognize child, who, while outwardly appearing typical in appearance and behavior, their minds may flounder about in desperate confusion, themselves never quite able to consider themselves as normal(come to think about it, how many of us really do, but that's another story). thanks earlgrey...
Thanks BOA, I suspect many of us do...
Goodguy and Rob, a big thank you to you gracious gentlemen for your encouraging comments!!!
'Prof.' Hedi, all your adice and observations are 'spot on' my friend, I particularly liked:
"all they may need is another to believe in them and provide them the tools so that they may begin to believe in themselves and possibly thrive, having friends could be all another may need for this, as well)."
There are soooo many true stories where this advice of yours has changed people's lives dramatically...
I spent most of my school career in isolation. Because I was in accelerated classes, I was considered somewhat of a geek. I began to mask myself, using slang and limiting myself to words of two syllables or less. I refer to this as "protective coloration." While I now feel free to express myself in select venues, my disguise still serves me well in certain situations. Thank you for bringing this to the forebrains of your many readers. Well crafted as always.
Thank fellow-geek, lol, sigh... and all that, we go on right? I appreciate your encouragement...
Earlgreytea - an awakening of gigantic proportion...and "the truth shall set you free"....wonderful poem my friendhug
Thanks Jazzy...
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