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Hot! Warm all over!

Hot! Warm all over!
Mmmm ... ooohhh ... Aaahhh ...
OMG ...
That feels sooo ...
Good ... Great..
My furnace was dyeing going bad!
The human bod
is around 98 degrees
My thermostat had fallen to 60-62
At night I shook like a leaf
My heart was warning me I was
Too cold!
It was literally jumping out of my chest in pain pulsating scary
One last time to make me do something anything will do!
Beware it said
Listen Now!
Get out if bed
Before u have a serious problem
Called 911 heating repair
They assessed the situation
They Left at 1:00 a m
Got it back on temporary fix
On last leg ... in bad condition old
Seeking warranty
In floor heat hours days
To return to normalcy
For 2 days I have been uncomfortable

Today was nippy
Put a gray sweat shirt
In the dryer
To get
My bod said,
"Ooohhh! ... Aaahh ... Mmmm ...
Thank you so much!
Nice & warm now!
Thank God heaven above!
Would have done it!
You will never Love another like her
No one else will put forth
Her undying affection effort
And Love
Creature comfort
Comfort food
Warm to the tummy
Necessity is the mother
Of invention
This was surely
A Good find, solution

This gray sweat shirt
Was bought at a Footlocker store
In Anchorage AK retail % $75
Holiday sale around $50
Boy did I get my money's worth
No ware or tear nor stains
I have had it for years
maybe since 2006 12-13 years
Helps to have 2 to rotate
Then one is always clean
Ready to go
My go to in the Alaskan winters
We have a dry cold like the dessert
Not wet cold like Michigan
My Carhartt extreme
coat is often too hot
Another food for thought to be wrapped in warmth:
In my younger years
Worked at a fast food place
As a closer normal off the clock about 2:30-4:30 a m
Boy what a job and a half
The whole shift rush hour
Your legs sizzled when u finally
Got a chance to lay down & rest
From school buses and family
Gold mine of a deposit
Location location location
Just off of A major exit
Came home smelling like
Ketchup, mustard, pickles,
Onions, Grease Ughhh ...
I felt so gross yucky
Like I'd bathed in
In a tub full of ketchup mustard pickles Ughhhh again!
The non aromatic aroma
Was repulsive to me
Couldn't wait to be clean again
To be fragrant from body wash
And shampoo w Raspberry fragrance
I took a long hot bath
Bathed rinsed
Let the water down
Put in clean hot water to soak sooth relax from being on
my feet 8 hours of rush rush rush
Every ticket added up with a pencil by hand
Had to get 100%
On the math test to work there
Years of studying
The chart of multiplication
Normally found in the back of the book
U graduate by making one
To go to 10 with pencil paper
Well anyway
when I was good and clean
Feeling fine
Went to my bedroom
Crawled under the warm covers
In a Queen bed
with little petite rose yellow flowers
On top so sweet ..,
Boy I felt like a "Princess"
I smelt sunshine
As I drew the covers to me
To my face
my nose could smell
Mmmm ... Oooohhh ... Aaahhh ...
Mwwwaaahhh to her cheek!
Mother had washed My sheets
And dried them
on the clothes line!
In the sun!
All that work for little ole' me!
I am a very good daughter
I said to myself
"She Loves Me!"
So precious to do all of that work!
Couldn't thank her enough
With gratitude
the next day for loving me!
She is so dear to my heart!
She taught me Manyyy things!
Many a day all of my time went
To her
For the teamwork necessary
To run a successful household of
9 children plus a gazillion friends neighbors relatives cousins
4 sets of twins
tons of loved ones in out!
My dad had been in the Navy
On a ship
Definitely a constant
Disciplined obedience
daily "teamwork" effort
Work instead of dream feeling
Awake & Inherit feel!
We definitely learned
the meaning of
My hands and body
and tongue all feel it
A Home with much family!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2019
About this poem:
Love peace family
Family love

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