Love female male ratio 7 to 1

Love female male
Human ratio
7 women to 1 man
Some men
Only seek a quick fix
Just a pick up
At the local
Stop and go
For a snack
A temporary bandaid
Not real romance
Not a cherished
Just a copy replica
Not an Original
Antique with Character!
Genuine Authentic

Animals learn
The language of love
The Art of communication
It will take
effort work

The mating dance
If they didn't
Pay attention
Critters big or small
Would Not
have a chance
To stand
At the dance
Too many competitors
Males seeking a female
To win
The keys to her hearts
True affections!
They have to play by
The rules of the animal kingdom
The fittest biggest best
Of the species
"Survival of the fittest"
Best in manners stature!
Or they Will Not
Win the prize
By scent
Needs patience!

Once I observed
A couple dance so elegantly
I gave them a compliment
I'd pay money
For a video of that dance
I think they danced
1 waltz then
2 of the two step
I observed 3 dance songs
They danced to
So sweet tender
In Sync unison step beat!
He came back with a vulgar remark of
do u want to
watch us ***k too!

My mouth dropped open
I Almost hit the floor
It was a compliment
A small quaint dance place
With always a great band!
Country Western Music!
That crowd dances in couples circling around the floor with peace on earth!
At Four Corners
Country Western Club
Wasilla Alaska

Good ole' boys don't put up with jerks
they quickly
4 of them
Take them
gather Him off the floor
With their mammoth broad shoulders & huge bi-ceps
Bulging in their Arms
of their shirt
Country Western attire
Escort them out the back door!
Tell him
U r Done 4 tonight!
Say don't come back now
Do u hear!
Not til u r sober!
No more tonight!
I don't expect to see u
Next Saturday night
U r grounded
From this peaceful place
Don't spoil our party!
And I mean it!
Or u will be banned for life!
Grow up!
They don't let jerks
spoil their dance
Of romance with their mate on their important date!
They were
The only couple on the floor!
He must have been drunk!
I was at a public place
At a public dance!

He was so handsome
He lost that beautiful
Blonde blue eyed woman
Her elegance flowed as they circled around the floor
It was like watching
Fred Astaire
Ginger Rogers!
She told me he blew it
infidelity lust
He has fleas
I'm Done
touch me again!

30 years pass
I returned to that club
Guess who
Was sitting at the counter
The same dancing man!
A Has been Not a Star
Lost to lust
A quick roll in the hay
To lose
The True Love of his Life!
The mother of his children
The seeds of his loins
His wild oats sewn!
He lost his children's
Happy home of family
To lust
His children no more
He gave up his rights
For a roll in the barn
Up in the haystacks
Fragrant by pigs and cows
Too cheap for a room
Broke on his *ss
Where Dogs catch fleas
No longer a man
But a man w***e
Not worth taking home
Not timeless or priceless
But penniless
That male s**tte
Would never be touching
Not sleeping with me!

His beauty Queen
Long gone
Now a
male pauper
Fit for only the grave
Infested w trash worms maggots nothing good
To bring home to momma
To the son she bore
With nothing
To show for
His 60+
Years on this earth
Lonely empty soul
Faking his dreary days
With no smiles on his face
Numb to the human race
The world does not like him
From the choices he's made
Self inflicted agony
I can't offer him pity
For hurting
Pretty wife!
Once handsome
NOT anymore
Beer gut
self obsorbed
He said something to me
He didn't deserve a response!

I wanted to refrain with
Do You want to
watch me ***k Too?
But I couldn't
I could only ignore him
The Fool lost
Mrs. Wonderful!
Mr. Lust
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2020
About this poem:
*Updated Men talkin' about men
U can't beat em' up
'Cause there bigger than u!
Men "The Judds"

Men need help badly an education
Men r from mars
women R from Venus
I'm working on finding a gentleman
One that it's ok with him
To worship a higher power
He doesn't expect me to worship him
But God
Have no other Gods before me
The first of the 10 commandments

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Comments (11)

I'm happy with it now
*Great Read!
Rachael_0622cheering peace cheering
Amazing poem
Respected Loving love
Rachael_0622 angel
A heartfelt poem
An amazing poem
A meaningful poem
Showing Lust and reality
Words are pinned like Pearls
Thoughts Are Old and New
Teenagers Yong & Smart
Man is flirting with Women
Boys giving hope to girls
To catch them pass the time
1 man and 7 woman
That's why they change the mind
One for Week Month and Year
They use to change them after
When they catch another Eye
The girls are captured by car & money
Boys are captured by smile and style
That's what we do but don't have peace of mind
I don't know why my mind don't except lie
I appreciate your poem very much.
Miss you baby Rachael_0622. heart wings
bouquet peace hug thumbs up
What a nice read before
I lay down to rest
You quenched my thirst
Filled my heart
Fed my soul
Gave me hope
Gave me spiritual nutrition
Food for thought
Gave me peace willing
You restored loneliness w companionship
And I didn't even know you would be here for my viewing
Awww u r my angel for the day
U made my day Dear!
Thank you
Rachael_0622 hug blushing yay bouquet bouquet heart wings teddybear
Respected Loving angel
Kind Caring Decent hug
Dearest Rachael heart wings
Thanks for your complements. thumbs up
Happy Thursday cheering
Your poems is always very meaningful.
Description is always very nice
Words are like Pearls pinned in Golden String
bouquet heart wings hug
Stay Safe Sweet Rachael heart beating
peace thumbs up love
Animals learn
The language of love
The Art of communication
It will take
effort work

I Like this part.

Finally I have a chance to read urs here. Anyway no autocorrect on my computer so if I make some grammatical error pardon me.
Thank you
It seems u enjoyed it
God Bless
We are all working on progress!
Rachael_0622 cheering yay
you are a blessing to this world. the poem is well composed. kudos to you.
Awesome piece. Great writing... Tranches of reality in this world, nuances of life, intriguing, interesting and true... Bravo Rachael!hug teddybear bouquet
wow this is a lovely one i will like to know the writerteddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear
What a nice read ,true love Vs lust - only a fool would pick lust over true love..There is nothing greater than true pure your writing . Ty for sharing it.
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