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Lost Love Mystery Matthew Kowelaeick?

Long Lost Love
Can u find him
on Facebook
Linkipedia? Linkpedin?
Social media?
Think I may have seen him
On linkpedn
Doesn't always use same spelling on last name
Where's Matthew Kowelaeick?
Help me find him!
Dark hair
Before My time is thru
On earth
I'd like
To see you again!

"Matthew Kowleaick
wondered 45 years!
What became of U
Where r you?

You were my first crush!
I met you in 4th grade
Sweetest disposition

Then 7th grade
calm cool collective walk
Lovely smirk
Complexion of an Arab
A true Gentleman
My Hero!

Then found you in 12th grade again
We enveloped each other in our arms after 5 years
Hugged embraced
Brailed each other's bodies
With our hands
You have haunted me
For approximately
44 years
Clues of where we are from
Michigan shaped like a mitten
We are from the thumb
Of the mitten
Can be seen from the
Outer space
& the moon
And the Great Lakes
Then jr high
Then sr high
Where R U Matthew?
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Posted: Jan 14
About this poem:
First Love
Haunted endless

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Comments (2)

HotrodLarrysonline today!
daydream Memories, Memories, It is nice to have one, Recently someone did a thread about: Do you remember your first kiss? YES I DID, It got me thinking...After a while I wondered about that person, I looked her up on the internet, and found that she lives in the same area...I have not tried to contact her...But the thoughts have been there. Hope you find this person, and reunite...and Thanks for the reminder of Her, Nice Write, Hotrodlarrys teddybear
Rachael_0622online today!
Thx Larry
You should try to find her
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