A desperate frost
On the sharp edge of ice.
In the palm of your hand: thorns
Of roses,
Slightly contrived neurosis
And melt water.
A premonition of spring.
In your heart:
A winter longing
And dreams of April
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2021
About this poem:
we have had a lot of snow in recent days and it's terribly cold. very beautiful, but I can't wait for spring )

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godsprincessonline today!
Lily - I am so ready for Spring this year. Sunday is Valentine's Day but no roses for me! Thanks for sharing. Stay safe.

Kathy bouquet
Awesome! thumbs up Excellent illustration of the shortest (yet seemingly longest) month of the year. rose wine
southmiami4321online today!
I dearly miss those season changes. Here in Florida is ever green. Cold is not for me anymore. Beautiful short poem Salamuna.wave
Kathy! thank you for your comment. By the way you was the one who inspired me to write it...i mean one of your posts on fbook..Lily kiss
La_Femme! thank you beuatiful lady for stopping by..Glad you enjoyed the read . Lily bouquet
SM thank you for your comment..lucky you having nice weather! enjoy it! Lily wave
This is subtle (and good Lily)

We have snow and ice here in Ireland presently Lily,
Your beautiful poem captured my mood exactly.
Loved it.

Regards Mick.

Many thanks Mick. very much appreciated.
Lily snowglobe purple heart
Thank you Ru.(Irish warrior).glad you stoped by.
Nice reflection on February, we get to enjoy that desperate frost while it lasts. Good to hear from you Lillywave
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