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Piece Of Mind

Rise all those who meet the description of desire,
Speak whose hearts are made of fire,
Dwell low who are liars,
Sing high, banned from the church choir,--
Of what was lost,
And, what is to become,
Those who have many,
And, the lonely hearts,
Who have chosen to be alone,--
Those who carry pleasure on a merry-go-round,
Step forward, those who wear a golden crown,
Faces of those who show happiness,
Behind a mask made of frowns,
Those who succeed up,
Leaving those who ever put you down,--
Learn the only value of life is death,
Between those who accept and those who deny,
Scream those in love,
Whisper love to those who said goodbye,
All of this within the wink of an eye,
Seeking the warmth of the day,
Cold fear, of what lurks in the night,--
Those who wonder to be,
And, those in some places are blind,
Still remaining able to see,
But, have lost a piece of mind.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 4
About this poem:
It was 12-4-92 when I wrote this. Being towards very much more songwriter than poet, I started out loosely with this and it all took form. Odd as it seems, it was at the end of the Gulf War; yet, perhaps, it fits most best as of now?

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godsprincessonline today!
Very thought provoking and many interpretations can come out of this. Depends on who reads it and how it speaks to you. This also happens when one reads a verse in the Bible one day and then the same verse the next day and it can take on a different meaning. Well written. However, no one should be banned from a church choir mumbling

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