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I lost You

Im gonna learn to forget you now
Cuz im gonna be on my own
All these times and all the photoghraphs
All the smiles we had
I'll forget you now
You lost me & I lost you
But im gonna forget you now
Cuz All what i have is myself
And I don't wanna lose me too
As My heart is not for rent
and im gonna forget about you now
God help me on what im going through
but i gotta forget about us too
Never forget the pain you've put me to
But I'll never lose myself as I lost you
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010
About this poem:
I lost My Love :( Alone again

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Comments (12)

That's what it's all about. Never lose yourself because to find yourself again takes forever. Good write teddybear
Hi, Swan87,
And I don't wanna lose me too is a great realization about relationships - whether they are ending or beginning. Thank you for sharing.
N.E.S & GNJ offer great commentary. the only addition i have is that i find it ironic that some of the BEST poetry comes from the forlorn.
Thanks you all for being there for me ..Im glad i have u with me
now adays im feeling really down ..moping

Happiness is inside you and it does not depend on anyone else,
beautiful poem and Yes never ever loose yourself and look for goodness every day of your life!
Lifeisadream , sweetheart sometimes i wish i was livin in a dream all of this pain will go away when i wake up.
happeniess is within , true that .. and im not the kind to give up easily but findin true love and then losin it for silly reasons , is kinda hard to forget about

Thanks for your comment honey im glad u liked my poem teddybear

oh you can't know how this expression of your trials and journey resonate with my own struggle...thank you for sharing teddybear
justpeachie sweety just rememeber that we're here for each other ..I hope i didn't bring back some bad memories ..but let's hope for the better in this life.

Swan...i love this line, "But I'll never lose myself as I lost you"cheers
ok i see reading actually more of your stuff; some of them have chorus (song lyrics) and some dont (poems) ok; well i think your style is some where between poetry and songwriting so makes sense but i didn't realize that only some of your pieces on here have chorus.
jazzy75 :
SweetHeart bouquet Thanks alot for likin' it .. my glad

desertshores :
Thanks alot for takin' the time to read my work , and you see , whatever im writing , is somthing from within from my heart , I don't think it , I feel it and i write it down so whatever it is , a song or a poem , or just words to say ! the most important is that they're just honest enough to be said teddybear
I hope you did enjoy readin' it ..
Thanks again sweety.

thanks a lot for taking the time to reply to my comments!
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