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Thinkin' of you

It's Dark in Here
Would you light a candel please
Where's the angel in me
It's hard to fly without wings
it's hard to smile
Do I have to Fake everythin'
I'm gettin' weaker by time

Cuz Thinkin' of you
leads me to the unknown
That , what if we made it through
Or What if I was Untrue
Tell me How am I supose to live , without you
Stuck in all these questions
without a breath , without us
Thinkin' of you , Troubles in here
And I can't get you out of me
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010

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trurorobonline today!
one candle coming up Swan!!
agoodguy2have that a light I see in the distance?
In response to your beautiful poem which touched me so, may I take the liberty to quote one of my posted poems..., in the humble hope that it will speak to your heart and reveal to you the beautiful soul that you really are...

"I see you...”
This ancient African greeting tells a lot about homo sapiens sapiens,
We have an insatiable need for acceptance by our kind,
‘Enlightened’ primitive peoples consider ‘invisibility/ridicule/exile’ the worst form of hell,
Ergo the opposite, acceptance, equals heaven,
The most serious punishment that could be inflicted by Pygmies was ‘invisibility’,
The Inuit, punished thieves with laughter whenever they encounter them,
Some of the ancient Greeks punished murder by exile, rather than reciprocal murder,
As a consequence, homo sapiens sapiens suffers all sorts of insufferable and barbaric initiation rites in order to ‘belong’...

I marvel, then, how ‘ignorant-Africans’ came up with this advanced psychology thousands of years ago,
To “see” their fellows,
No empty ‘hello’s’ here,
But a meaningful “I see you...”,
Implicitly implying acknowledgement, acceptance, worthiness...,
I guess the women folk among us know something about punishment when they employ their lethal ‘silent-treatment’ eh?
I see you...
“Yebo, sawubona”, you would respond, - Yes, I see you...
Thanks Alot For the Sweetest Comments Ever teddybear

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