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The scars you wear tell all your life,
Be it from fall or surgeons knife,
An auto crash, a barroom brawl,
The scars you carry tell it all.

Then there's the ones that do not show,
Though just as real and still a blow.
That hurtful thing a loved one said,
Can cut as harsh as if it bled.

These scars that tell your story so,
Mark all the paths that you have known.
And when you look back you will see,
Each one's a page of history.

So please don't hide your scars from me,
My love enfolds their mystery.
For ev'ry one I see it true,
Has gone to build this wond'rous you.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
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Self explnitory...

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amazing. really. i love it!
trurorobonline today!
good one, sometimes the inner scars are much deeper!
Broken by love, rebuilt by fear, still live for God is the tattoo I placed over a scar to remind me of a pain I once carried on the inside and left a scar on the outside. Good write freeatlast
very heart felt write. I think we all have scarsteddybear
I cannot imagine anything more 'love'ing than wishing to see someone's scars as they are never pretty. A poem of simple but immense humanity. Thanks, Free.
Thank you gashly, rob, james and hgl4u! And thank you carol, you really got the point...
all b4 said it well, those Scars of yours do really tell! ;-)
badges of honour....thanks for
sharing this free, and yes, all scars
on the table up
thumbs up bouquet bouquet
applauseA Wonderful Write, Free . . . I agree with everyone else, that a truer love there could never be, than the love of another even after seeing one's internal and external scars. . . True Unconditional Love = The Vitamin E cure to all Scars of the Mind, Body, and Soul! . . . Thank You for this one Free. . . Awesome!angel
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