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The Possum Motel Part 7

I went to my kitchen,
Around three, for a late lunch
A few days later, after his
Stroll across my feet.
Not thinking about him, at all.

Pulling out my silver ware drawer
I see this worm like thing across
My Forks. At first I thought it was a snake.
I slid my drawer out as far as it
Would go; bent over and peered inside,
Keeping my distance.

Resting on the back of the drawer,
Between the under side of my counter
And the drawer was Opie staring back at me.

I pulled the drawer out completely,
He jumps to the next, I pull that one
out, he jumps again, until I have
All five drawers laying on my
Kitchen table.
The cabinate doors were closed.
I open the furthest one from the sink.
He leads the chase in the same order
But in reverse, until he has no
Place to flee. under the cabinets.

The phone rings, I turn my back
For but a moment, and he's gone
That was the last I saw him in
The house. I left the trap set
Up in the kitchen for about two
Weeks before I set in out on
My deck, where it stills sits today.

My lady friend and I were talking
Under my carport, when we looked up,
and on the top shelf of this rack
We saw this little guy, that
I have for my profile picture.
I'm not sure if it was Opie, But
The way he sat there in defiance,
Staring at us, long enough for
Me to retrieve my camera, I feel
It must have been him, taunting me!

The reason he has over taken my profile
Picture is a simple case of Identity Theft.
He left me gifts that I could have
Done without, he had me tear up equivalent
Of three rooms, and a made it so I had
To wash countless dishes.
So I figured he owed me, and since he is cuter
Than I, he is my publicity photo.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
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Comments (7)

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing You were out-possumed by a possum! Thanks for the great laugh and the great read!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing bouquet
Hi, cambuff,
Opie! Now, we know the opossum behind (and in front of) the man! Totally enjoyable read (all 8 installments)! I'm still smiling!!!
Thank you gn!bouquet
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing tongue that photo is a cutey, bet you miss himgrin Lovely story enjoyedteddybear
trurorobonline today!
great story Dave!
Thank you Rob, ... You to Red,.. You have no I idea how much I miss him, especially the poo.doh
Oh dear, what will I do now that this is finished. Back to surfing the back pages for another epic tale.

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