RE: Burial at sea...

Well Said i am sure they has left loved ones to mourn & has humans we snould respect that, myself i don"t think that anyone should go down there, we all know the story & the deaths of those that went down with her & how it happen, I have sailed over the Titanic"s resting place couple of times on a 65 ft fishing boat, The skipper would always let us know when we were sailing over her, I remember going up to the top deck first time couple min before a very beautiful night Moon Shining & sky covered with stars, & not a draft or any sea swell, & when the skopper anounced the Titanic is now below us, i got this chill over my body the feeling you are being watched, Not saying i was but just thinking back in1912 on this spot the screams & cries for help that must have broken the sea s silence, would give anyone the chills,

RE: A Smart gun

Guns were always smart, just that some people that got their hands on them are not, So people from now on you see someone with a gun & a finger necklace you know the gun is stolen, or you buy a gun with finger taped to the trigger walk away,,, & now every member of some household will need their own personal gun for protection, in case Mommy & Daddy is gone to work i guess, I wonder whats next? a gun that will only shoot at bad guys lol

RE: Thank You All

I see her account is still active lol

RE: They're not coming after me, they're coming after you...

When Trump said they are coming after you & not him, True words & sad so many just can"t see it even with the rope around their necks they can"t even feel it, & sad part again soe will now look in the mirror & say there is no rope you lie lol

RE: Heat...

I can"t wait until june or july to get them warm temp. & not talking about the big save on the house heating fuel

RE: Afghan special forces commando seeking asylum gets caught in broken US immigration system

Good Question

RE: Afghan special forces commando seeking asylum gets caught in broken US immigration system

Believe me Candian Government Don"t want anyone that fought the Taliban living in Canada We are very lucky Canada let their own soldiers back in

RE: Afghan special forces commando seeking asylum gets caught in broken US immigration system

Blame Trump lol

RE: Unexpected Dangers in online

Was thinking the same

RE: Unexpected Dangers in online

Yes there have been thousands, male & female, even while i am typing this a good chance someone around the world is going to sleep for the last time, & the ones that get to go to sleep before the removing of their organs are the lucky ones, & Saudi Arabia & Mexico are very well known for those acts

RE: Would you be the guy who pulls a wanting woman out of a relationship?

Of course, But a very good chance she will let you so called pull her out to get out of that bd relationship just to get out, But that is no reason to start a relatioship with her if that is what you got in mind? if you are then you are some predator taking advantage of it"s preys weakness Then again you say she is not happy in her present relationship, do you know why? is she using the kid for excuse to stay? Do you know the guy? how & where did you get to know her enough for you to know she is unhappy? Maybe the guy got a reason & is unhappy? maybe it"s him that want to leave but staying for his kid? Maybe the kid is not his? & maybe there are times she should be home & she is out there telling stories to guys like you Remember there are always 2 side to a story, & in this case 3, yours, hers & his, Take her away if she is really willing to leave & accept her kid has part of the package also it comes with full package no half & if she is willing to let you pull her away without taking her kid then that says alot about her not in a good way, & if so i bet down the road there will come another knight that will hear unhappy she is with you down the road,

RE: Your daily dose of Donald... Halloween Edition!

U.S can"t keep a good man down

RE: Myth of good guy with a gun vs bad guy with a gun

LOL Canada good one, Well i seem remember reading that back in in the 40s Europe was happy enough to see the Amaricans & their guns
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RE: Video chatting with someone from a dating site

I think you misunderstood her, she was telling you to put a robe on maybescold

RE: "Uhura" dead at 89...

she sure had great legs, RIP

RE: Danish police say several dead after Copenhagen mall shooting.

How about Greenland? isn"t that part of Denmark? talking about gun ban for private ownership, myself had fished in Greenland for 3 seasons, & that was the 1st thing I noticed was how people walked down the street with a shotgun or rifle on their shoulders, at first I thought I was back in 1800 s in N America, & funny thing gun crimes are next to nothing there, I have seen few of the local hunters walk in the pubs with their guns for a cold beer, for me it showed the freedom that those people had, & this was long after 1994 in fact it was in the 2000"s

RE: He charged first, killed them next...

Wow very interesting story TKS for sharing, yes you are very right there were & are serial killers worldwide for sure

RE: The right to bear arms

Will that is why you need hunters to kill the animals that will eat all your food, the word Vegetarian is an old American native word, meaning poor hunterlaugh

RE: The right to bear arms

Well said, only thing it"s doing is unarming law biding citizens & letting the crazed keep theirs, I never in my life seen a gun no matter what type get up & shoot someone without the human finger squeezing it"s trigger & because of some madman every gun owner has to pay for their crime, almost same if some crazy jumped in his car & drove it in a crowd & killing them, & because of the driver every owner of that car model will not be allowed to drive it,

RE: Arson in NYC - Christmas tree set on fire at Fox Square on the Avenue of the Americas

& Guy Fox lives lol

RE: Husband killed by Vaxx. Docs Don't want to acknowledge

If & big if he died home she never had to ask for an autopsy, it was done even if she did not want one done

RE: ICU is full of the unvaccinated – my patience with them is wearing thin, a respiratory Dr's view

LOLdoh doh confused confused doh

RE: More RUST aka the mouth of Trump has spoken...

WOW that could be very true, Because awhile back, when Biden was entering airforce 1 while walking up it"s steps he fell up it"s stairs, some say he was pushed, others say tripped, But it was also said the night before Trump was seen standing over General Robert E Lee"s gravesite talking about something, Now there are people out there that say that he was hiring Mr Lee to go & trip or push Mr Biden upstairs, Now it don"t stop here, because that night Mr Trump was seen again at Mr Lee"s gravesite arguing to an unseen soul, shouting I can"t pay up with Confederate money,confused handshake banana

RE: Things u get for free and things u have to earn

Yes also be careful of people asking for money even if they give some sad story

RE: Joe Rogan asks Sanjay Gupta why CNN straight up LIED about Ivermectin

LOL He only just figured that out about CNN & their fake news

RE: THOUSANDS of Trump Supporters Greeted Joe Biden in Pennsylvania

& i guess the other Thousands of Pennsylvania never came out to greet him

RE: tax payers money ,,,,,,

At times it makes my blood boil just watching Judge Judy herself

RE: Black Lives Don't Matter To Democrats

Black lives don"t matter no more than white, brown, yellow or red, ALL LIVES MATTER, no matter what party one supports or what faith you believe
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RE: Part of a "True" story...

WOW Any part of this is sadcrying I just hope none of it is true, But deep inside i"m thinking it is teddybear hug for u

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