Would you be the guy who pulls a wanting woman out of a relationship?

What I mean by wanting, you know she wants to leave the current relationship she is in. She has a child with the guy, they are not married, and you know she is not happy in it...however...she is still in it. Would you be the guy who takes her out of that relationship?
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Never stay for the childrens sake. Never.
How to catch a man, be a Mamsell in distress. thumbs up

I knew a guy that took a lady out of a bad relationship. The lady's ex and the guy beat the crap out of each other, and then later, that lady went off with another guy all together whom she said was more financially secure and married him. Sheesh!

I later asked her, "Hey, I thought you would only marry for love." confused

She answered with a big grin, "Yeah! Love that money!" flirty
Hello Grand,

Thank you for your take on this.

I think there might be some truth to what you say.

I think if she was genuinely not happy in her relationship, she should make efforts to remove herself from it. However, she might want to make sure that she has a safe place for her child and for herself first, before making that move. That is why when women do leave a relationship, she usually has something lined up...usually another guy before she leaves.

However, I know what it is like for a woman to cheat on their man. It takes the woman and the cheating man to participate in the act. And being the man who had their partner cheat on them, I know how it feels in that position and I do not think I would wish that upon any man who genuinely loves the woman he is with. Because of that, I would have respect for the man who is in the relationship with the woman who wants to leave.

However...can an outside man express interest in her...thus letting her know that she does have a safe place if she decides to leave. Is that considered cheating then...of course with no intercourse beforehand.


I must admit, I have had two situations like this where women I know have approached me expressing their dissatisfaction with their current relationships. There is a certain exhilarating feeling one gets. Of course that is emotional...and one needs to look at the situation from a logical standpoint. Maybe that is why such a saying has become into existence. dunno

Absolutely Robert. Not only the physical aspect of the situation but also include the negative social stigma that could be placed upon you...especially in a small community.

I know of situations that are simular to this and people distance themselves from them. I mean, who wants to have a guy friend around them where they know that their spouse/girlfriend can be a target for him.

They're untrustworthy. If they can leave someone else for you, they'll leave you the same way.
Who said anything about cheating? I certainly did not.

Here is your orignal post:

"...she wants to leave the current relationship she is in. She has a child with the guy, they are not married, and you know she is not happy in it...however...she is still in it. Would you be the guy who takes her out of that relationship? "

To this I say yes. But not behind his back. She goes to him, break up. Start the process and when time is right I step in on the scene. I can wait for that sex part, right???!!
No cheating. Break up with him however and start a new life, that I hopefully can becoem a part of.
You know... there are other heads then the one down below you know Johnny...wink
Or is cheating always the fisrt step in America?
Not what I said yes to. But I'd encourage her to leave and let it be clear I'd be waiting for her.

Another cheater mind.
U can leave and start over again with one you're more compatibel with without cheating.
It's called a breakup.
U all dark in your minds?
-Ahhh it was a cheat n fouck and have a blast and rethink later blog? Aha,
that is not for me.

So you lot go cheat on each other now, ok. Have a good one. wine
Totally agree, your kids won't thank you for it later!
<However...can an outside man express interest in her...thus letting her know that she does have a safe place if she decides to leave.>

That's not your responsibility, stay out of the situation completely. Your not trying to be the White Knight...you're trying to coerce her into your arms, that's a losing battle. If she does decide some day to leave him and your free then you can think about a relationship, but for now, have patience and let her decide what to do without an 'outside man' being influential over her wants/needs.

And very important, even though they are not married they are in possession of a gift from God that would totally destroy all parties concerned if prematurity takes hold...

Doing what you believe is the righteous thing cannot involve any self personal interest......JMO
Touchy touchy!
If that's what it takes to get a man, then maybe my profile should include "MAMSELL IN DISTRESS." thumbs up

I'll make sure Robrt don't post negative remarks to drive the Men away. laugh

I'd stay far away from this type of domestic situation. I've seen how some men get manipulated into giving the partner a hiding only to get arrested when the woman lays a charge against him. Happens a lot here.

best bet is to stay away from it. today. more than ever. a woman can leave or get out of a relationship any time she wants. kids or no kids.

outside interference can make things worse on many levels, including for the children if there are any.

not even if i knew the woman from my childhood and school years. abuse? call the police and make the appropriate reports.

someone not happy? they got themselves into it, if they really want out they can do that too.
we won't even get into the potential information that isn't and won't be available to you unless you lived with them 24/7
Of course, But a very good chance she will let you so called pull her out to get out of that bd relationship just to get out, But that is no reason to start a relatioship with her if that is what you got in mind? if you are then you are some predator taking advantage of it"s preys weakness Then again you say she is not happy in her present relationship, do you know why? is she using the kid for excuse to stay? Do you know the guy? how & where did you get to know her enough for you to know she is unhappy? Maybe the guy got a reason & is unhappy? maybe it"s him that want to leave but staying for his kid? Maybe the kid is not his? & maybe there are times she should be home & she is out there telling stories to guys like you Remember there are always 2 side to a story, & in this case 3, yours, hers & his, Take her away if she is really willing to leave & accept her kid has part of the package also it comes with full package no half & if she is willing to let you pull her away without taking her kid then that says alot about her not in a good way, & if so i bet down the road there will come another knight that will hear unhappy she is with you down the road,
laugh I keep re-reading this scenario n the U.S.(?)
and can relate moreso to her than you as an observer.

If I was to repeat every personal incident I either observed or was told I'd have blogging material
to rival the Bible stories.

I would say the lesson learned is don't throw rocks.

rolling on the floor laughing
Mysterious, that sounds like the truth. thumbs up

Yes Grand, you did not say anything about cheating. But often times one can assume that may be part of the process of pulls a wanting woman.


Time2shine...that is another aspect of the situation. Thanks for sharing that.

Sea...I totally agree with that assessment...about waiting until she is officially single.

...a lot of other comments mentioned too that would also support your opinion.

What Friendship....Robert is driving men away? laugh Robert actually has some really cool stories where women like to be involved with multiple men. :) Perhaps men should flock to him. :)

Very interesting Luke...especially where it sounds like you are speaking from experience. Thank you for sharing that. thumbs up

Draegoneer...all very valid points.

There are some men out there though that are addicted to s*x and will jump at any opportunity to "spread their seed." It does happen quite a lot...especially these days.

But a question was once brought up...can you make a horror a housewife, and the answer always seems to be the same....no.

So perhaps some women who are in these positions...wanting to be out of a relationship...is just a serial dater. Like you mention, it would be interesting to know the full details on why she wants out.

All very good stuff Switch.

No, I have been single for the last 14 years and I have been in one relationship long enough to know that you don't want to pick the wrong woman.

I agree 100% with all you have said.

Patty....write some blogs. :)

I don't really think anyone is throwing any rocks here. I believe people should be who they are...without any reservations of expressing that. However, that does not mean another person has to really associate with such person if it does not match their personal boundaries, morals, and ethics.

To each their own in life...but some people can become blinded and make poor decisions. Let us all learn.

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