RE: Anyone use these forums

what would you like to talk about jac?conversing

RE: Anyone use these forums

Hello..its been a whilegrin

RE: Trump, trump, trump, trump!

fantastic choice as president..people finally had enough of the same old pc shite and the democrats are their own worst enemy selecting the wife of a former president..bit depressing to think that they couldn't find somebody new somebody fresh no just the old guard same old same old shite..victory for democracy go Trumpthumbs up

RE: McGregor vs Alvarez

Alvarez reach is a good bit shorter then mcgregors,,this is why mcgregor is so successful long arms for such a small manthumbs up

RE: Long weekend

gonna get some fireworks and go mental just like old timesbanana

RE: i wish someone would ask me out

whats wrong with you now?

oh let me guess you need sex or advise on bitchingireland

RE: bitchiness

that sounds very stupid altogether..I suppose its just women doing what comes natural to them..I try not to surround myself with people like that..The outcome is rarely good..some men behave like this too..male bitches..I had an experience recently with a male b*tch..I wouldn't even call him a man..I said all the things you've said about me behind my back can easily be sorted out with this fist and that fist..I think he actually shit in his trousers he was that afraid..I still think about how pathetic he is because a real man would accept the fight and I was quite annoyed because I wanted to feel his nose crumple under my fistireland

RE: Mortgage

Glad I bought my place 2 years ago when prices were rock bottomdancing

RE: Who will take SAM home???

shite in a Bucket will never win anythinglaugh laugh laugh laugh

RE: Who will take SAM home???

Dublin will win this time around..mayo had their chance and they blew it..scoring 2 own goals?? what breed of donkeys are they at all..that and they always shite themselves on big occasions..big cowardly mayo shites..Mayo = shite in a bucketthumbs up

RE: is someone flooding the forums?

yeah I think shes called cockroachlaugh

RE: Has ireland worst health service in europe

i know somebody who was waiting 2 months to get an wouldn't want to be sickireland

RE: Have you been asked to join kik

I've been on it for years now..the photo bomb thing is very kinky like snapchat too..I'll give you my kik username if you wantwink

RE: Have you been asked to join kik

Kik is for perverts stay awaylaugh

RE: will you be surporting northern ireland in the football?

you don't half come out with shite at point trying to explain anything to yousad flower

RE: will you be surporting northern ireland in the football?

I'd support them now alright..I wouldn;t have supported them pre michael o'neill because they were a show of bigots..things are changing now its good to see a more inclusive teamireland

RE: Leaving EU.

maybe plays into the hands of republicans though..reintroduction of border controls will bring back a military presence to border areas 1 thing I hate and 1 thing that the men of violence hate will be border controls..they'll become targets..expect to see a few casualtiesireland

RE: Twisted bum.

I doubt the disc is burst if it was you'd be crippled with pain lying on the floor..I burst 1 myself..have never experienced pain like it..1 of your discs sounds like its bulging hitting off a nerve..thats why you're getting that numbness and pain in you're a** radiates from you're lumbar region..nothing worse than having back problems..not being able to sneeze without feeling a sharp pain..worse still try taking a dump..not much need to push..the pain alone sorts that outsad flower

RE: Twisted bum.

pain shooting down you're leg is known as sciatica..usually means a herniated disc..serious indeedireland

RE: Leaving EU.

wouldn't really care as long as they didn't reintroduce border controls now that would negatively affect the lives of people who live along the border thumbs down

RE: Mob justice

do you have a link for the first story?

RE: What Would You Do ?

I just show them my dangler..always works for meireland

RE: Did you want to pay a bill to Irish Water

Its a victory for democracy and it demonstrates the power of the people..most people dont want to be paying for water not just the dole spongers as you say and i wouldn't begrudge anybody claiming social wont make you rich thumbs up

RE: Did you want to pay a bill to Irish Water

I dont know what they've agreed too..there seems to be conflicting reports about whats happening..I dont think they know whats happening themselves..either way I'm still not paying anything towards that farcegrin

RE: Did you want to pay a bill to Irish Water

bit of a stupid poll..who wants to pay a bill? ..sure obvious answer is nobody wants to pay bills dunno

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