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Hey Wayne77749May 18
Should a Criminal or a person with a serious mental disorder be allowed to own a gun?43730Mar 24
Hey String, they're talking about your buddy47231Apr 23
The New York Daily News bestows an honorarium on Donald Trump47729Apr 13
Republicans fleeing the House and Senate in record numbers80664Apr 12
What is your Networth? Do you know how to calculate it?41520Apr 8
FAKEBOOK47122Mar 22
Trump just fired the first shot of the coming trade war with China1,23467Jan 23
Mind numbing story of 20 YO girl who gouged her eyes out **WARNING Graphic**1665Mar 19
Music from World War 216712Mar 28
Just when you think it can't get any worse.1683Mar 22
Why make a thread and an identical blog?1174Mar 23
Democrat Conor Lamb wins election in Pennsylvania1659Mar 14
Russia smuggles 400 kg of flour into Moscow under diplomatic immunity22911Feb 23
Report card for Trump on Manufacturing Job repatriation = FAIL1275Feb 21
Can't open CS with Chrome2189Feb 9
My new invention41024Feb 5
I misplaced my Crayons.2085Jan 25
Trumps tax cut for Corporations will gut our military33319Jan 6
Thank you China67637Jan 1
The GOP the Grand Old Party not so grand anymore.96963Dec 10
Investing63247Nov 26
76th anniversary of Pearl Harbor is tomorrow December 7th a date which will live in infamy1222Dec 6
Roy Moore, A Well Respected Man?32025Dec 6
How much did Trump pay his personal lawyer, John Dowd to take the rap for that stupid tweet?1,58910Dec 4
Heidi Klum in a Bikini2,928119Dec 2014
Why Stephen Paddock commited mass murder1,25167Oct 10
Sioux Leader To Trump: 'Leave The Office You Bought And Take Your Swamp Things With You'3085Nov 29
Recent trip to McDonalds73550Nov 25
New Cookout burger joint in my town1200Nov 13
Gillian Welch, -Barroom Girls- real Appalachian Mountain music with lyrics1285Nov 12
Clean sweep for the Democrats in Virginia and New Jersey64040Nov 7
I have a question42511Jan 2017
Touchscreens on Dashboard of new cars35017Oct 11
Live music concerts, an endangered species1403Oct 10
The Crusifiction36113Oct 22
Niger is the new Benghazi54327Oct 18
Trump helps to distribute desperately needed paper towels to Starving people in Puerto Rico60034Oct 4
Puerto Rico wants “everything to be done for them,”42622Oct 2
Incredible Performances6889Oct 2011

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