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The Crusifiction

Now I would like to offer some facts relating to the alleged crusifixion of christ. It is claimed that this one time carpenter/prophet hauled the ver...

13 170 7 hrs

Niger is the new Benghazi

27 303 Oct 21

Why Stephen Paddock commited mass murder

The FBI, Las Vegas Police and psychologists around the world are trying to come up with a motive for his actions. I know why he did this horrible act...

65 933 Oct 13

Touchscreens on Dashboard of new cars

This has got to be the dumbest, most dangerous "accessory" to ever find its way onto an automobile. There are laws against texting while drivi...

15 213 Oct 12

Live music concerts, an endangered species

I've attended and enjoyed quite a few concerts in my life but it seems these venues are becoming incredibly dangerous, potentially fatal events. Just...

1 63 Oct 11

Trump helps to distribute desperately needed paper towels to Starving people in Puerto Rico

1 roll at a time. I wonder how much of my tax dollars were spent to provide him wi...

34 458 Oct 5

Puerto Rico wants “everything to be done for them,”

22 347 Oct 4

Incredible Performances

I've never been to Derry, at least not for real but I was carried there, on the wings of a song Ronan Tynan was my magic carpet over the ocean he...

9 617 Oct 3

Why settle for less?

While brousing female profiles I came across one with the following list of requirements of the man she was looking for. He should be; Kind Hones...

20 307 Sep 16

Swine, Pigs, Hogs, are cleaner than dogs and some people

I am sure pigs got a reputation of being dirty animals from the fact that they like to wallow in mud. They have no desire to clean the dried mud off...

15 177 Sep 14

There's no shame in being wrong

The shame comes when you are PROVEN wrong and you are unable to admit it to anybody and especially to yourself. A case in point; IRMA, you know that...

12 266 Sep 11

In your opinion, What was/were the best Record Album(s) ever made?

If I get enough suggestions, I may start a poll to determine the best Album ever made....

27 429 Sep 8

Virginia strikes the first blow. It's what we do!

14 217 Aug 31

Bird Baths

Bird Baths are cool. They are fun to watch birds frolicking in the water. Birds of course don't need humans to provide them with a place to bathe, t...

10 196 Aug 26

I wonder what Jarrad Kushner is thinking right now

I wonder what he, his wife and Trumps daughter Ivanka both being practicing Orthodox Jews, feel about their patriarch, Donald Trump, supporting Neo Na...

39 535 Aug 23

Steve Bannon fired from NSC

I guess NMP trum...

37 664 Aug 20

Trump steps on his Little Richard again

This time over his initial milk toast comments regarding some 20 year old lame brain white supremacist Retard mowing down a bunch of innocent proteste...

44 665 Aug 19

Investing vs Gambling

When does a trade in the stock market become more like a gamble than an investment? How can you tell if the risk outweighs the potential for gain? W...

8 150 Aug 8

No good deed goes unpunished

I find rather interesting that FBI Director James Comey did a tremendous service for Donald Trump prior to the 2016 election, by going on TV and talki...

41 836 Aug 5

NO NO's for Females

Here are 2 experiences I've had which may prevent women from making the same mistakes my ex GF made which had negative effects on our relationship....

65 1,330 Aug 3


What is donald Trumps Approval rating? So much for draining a swamp. The Unemployed in Appalachia can't find a job...

38 566 Jul 17

Typical New Zealand native?

This guy is a classic examp...

34 559 Jul 17

Worst case scenario

The supreme leader of North Korea, in a deluded frame of mind, like a kid with a new toy, makes the mistake of launching his brand new but untested I...

2 145 Jul 6

Trump's Hotels In China Could Be A Conflict For The President

Following is an excerpt from an NPR interview from Nov 24, 2016 a link in on the next page updated to remove the word "Elect" The Constitution proh...

53 973 Jul 3

This is like watching a repeat of a crappy movie

I've seen this spectacle before can somebody please change the channel? This is like watching Watergate all over again. Why don't they just kick all...

37 854 Jun 21

More evidence the Wall is a very bad idea

"Although Mexico is one of the world’s top 20 natural gas producers, in recent years demand there has jumped well ahead of the country's domestic prod...

14 241 Jun 10

Another slap in the face of Trump voters

"Melania Trump's $51K Coat Is the Actual Definition of Out of Touch" "Showing up to an economic summit in a single piece of clothing that costs mor...

89 1,589 May 29

Likes by fakes

I don't normally look at my "Like" list but this morning I decided to see what's in there. What I found blew my mind. 8 weird un pronouncible names...

13 271 May 29

2 YO girl dies from "Batista Bomb" WWE move from moms 24 YO BF

I would pay thousands to have a little baby like that. Some people just have no idea how lucky they are. Babies pic.

3 162 May 27

Trumps day are numbered

Mark my words. This is Watergate 2.0 Obstruction of justice. Trying to stop an investigation. Firing the head of the investigating body when he do...

265 3,744 May 26

A simple solution to a big problem

The problem is ISIL going around blowing up archaeological sites and irreplaceable ancient artifacts. It's a response they will surely understand bec...

4 350 May 25

Are we Great Yet?

This was recorded in 2008. We were great then and we were great in 1941 when we we...

2 114 May 21

Trump thinks exercise is unhealthy

He thinks it uses up energy like draining a battery. C...

32 654 May 18

I'm making a batch of Yogurt tomorrow

I haven't made yogurt in about 6 months so I think I'd like some for a change. I'm making strawberry vanilla. Today I made a soda can candle. For...

30 470 May 17

War on Mosquitoes

Like you, I am sick and tired of being held captive in my house by a nasty flying blood sucking insect. Of course I'm talking about the Mosquito. I...

55 2,667 May 17

Most incredible thing I've seen, and heard in a long time!


3 482 May 15

Stepdad throws 3 YO girl into hotel swimming pool repeatedy and drowns her

This is hard to watch. Ladies be careful who you allow access to your children. If...

16 268 May 12

Macron's victory

Is a total rejection of the brand of politics exemplified by Donald Trump. The French Dump the Chump Trump. Viva la France...

18 185 May 8

Funding the Wall

"Not My President" is trying to find funding for his Great Wall which is supposed to keep the hoards of hard working fruit pickers away from the Orang...

54 723 May 6

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Per Massachusetts law, a dead convict whose appeal has not been heard can be considered not guilty in the eyes of the law. Hernandez’s appeal for the...

0 105 May 6

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