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Trumps tax cut for Corporations will gut our military22719Jan 6
Thank you China56037Jan 1
The GOP the Grand Old Party not so grand anymore.85563Dec 10
Investing55847Nov 26
76th anniversary of Pearl Harbor is tomorrow December 7th a date which will live in infamy482Dec 6
Roy Moore, A Well Respected Man?24925Dec 6
How much did Trump pay his personal lawyer, John Dowd to take the rap for that stupid tweet?1,10410Dec 4
Heidi Klum in a Bikini2,806119Dec 2014
Why Stephen Paddock commited mass murder1,13567Oct 10
Sioux Leader To Trump: 'Leave The Office You Bought And Take Your Swamp Things With You'2535Nov 29
Recent trip to McDonalds66450Nov 25
New Cookout burger joint in my town630Nov 13
Gillian Welch, -Barroom Girls- real Appalachian Mountain music with lyrics985Nov 12
Clean sweep for the Democrats in Virginia and New Jersey51340Nov 7
I have a question37611Jan 2017
Touchscreens on Dashboard of new cars29917Oct 11
Live music concerts, an endangered species1133Oct 10
The Crusifiction27513Oct 22
Niger is the new Benghazi40227Oct 18
Trump helps to distribute desperately needed paper towels to Starving people in Puerto Rico52634Oct 4
Puerto Rico wants “everything to be done for them,”38722Oct 2
Incredible Performances6479Oct 2011
Why settle for less?36620Sep 15
Swine, Pigs, Hogs, are cleaner than dogs and some people24915Sep 13
There's no shame in being wrong31412Sep 9
In your opinion, What was/were the best Record Album(s) ever made?47527Aug 31
Virginia strikes the first blow. It's what we do!24714Aug 30
Bird Baths22610Aug 25
I wonder what Jarrad Kushner is thinking right now57139Aug 16
Steve Bannon fired from NSC69837Apr 2017
Trump steps on his Little Richard again70944Aug 14
Investing vs Gambling1698Aug 7
No good deed goes unpunished88841Jul 31
NO NO's for Females1,46765Jun 28
36%60338Jul 16
Typical New Zealand native?62034Jul 15
Worst case scenario1642Jul 5
Trump's Hotels In China Could Be A Conflict For The President1,05253Jun 25
This is like watching a repeat of a crappy movie88937Jun 13
More evidence the Wall is a very bad idea26014Jun 8

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