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5 Words -The Sequel17,501287Apr 2015
Restrictive Profiles5,153142Jan 2017
Celtic Astrology5,567168Feb 2017
Happy Christmas1,04311Dec 2016
Say Anything43,992836Aug 2016
CS Dating History13,393279May 2016
Good Men & Good Women14,109301Sep 2016
Happy Birthday Shine!2,79975Sep 2016
Average3,77895Jun 2016
Happy Birthday Serene!3,62071Jun 2016
Could correct Grammar and Spelling increase Your Dating Chances?18,470340Jan 2016
IQ6,786109May 2014
In the Weekend that is in it..2,67953Feb 2016
What are you Really looking for?5,441193Jan 2016
Say Anything (again!)45,794886Nov 2015
DOs And DONTs on Dating Sites12,819218Dec 2015
Want to know what you are Really like to be in a relationship with?3,65550Jul 2015
Date Chat1,17110Jul 2015
Want to know what you are Really like to be in a relationship with?2,71846Jul 2015
Keep One Word, Add Another (part deux)1,51033Jun 2015
CS Glazing2,82944Jun 2015
Re-Dating - The Optimum Time?3,40262Jun 2015
The No Referendum /No Fighting /Everyone Welcome /Fun & Chat Thread1,34911May 2015
What do you imagine your next boyfriend/girlfriend will be like?6,357136May 2015
5 Words26,772932Jan 2015
How Long Do You Like To Communicate With Somebody Before Meeting?4,38492Apr 2015
Would You Date Yourself?4,68676Apr 2015
Cork/Kerry Gentlemen2,43526Mar 2015
What's On Your Mind - Part 2529,488828Jan 2015
Men and Women see things differently5,52174Mar 2015
Matchmaking4,92492Mar 2015
Which Stage Of The Relationship Do You Prefer?2,91541Feb 2015
Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin AKA Writing On The Wall2,32840Feb 2015
What They Write On Profile V What They Really Want...1,92218Feb 2015
Inventions That Need Inventing!4,30284Feb 2015
The Invention Of Lying2,54743Jan 2015
How many CSers have you met?7,345175Dec 2014
We don't choose who we fall in love with.4,71396Dec 2014
Intra-Gender Flirting. - Your Reaction2,77860Nov 2014
Humour -Your Preference3,01799Nov 2014

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