Is it being old fashion or simple courtesy and respect?

I agree, modern times have distorted our approach to courting. A door being opened, dressing for an occasion or pulling a chair out.

I try to practice these things as regular behavior. I am female but I will hold a door open for either sex. If there is a special occasion such as a date or finer restaurant, I will dress for such an occasion. By making an extra effort, in my mind, that makes the activity more special, even if the other party doesn't notice. If my efforts are lost on my date or a stranger, I don't care. I will continue to do it.

In my mind, equal doesn't mean rate of pay or title. It is paying respect to both sexes equally. If one doesn't appreciate these things, they may have not learned common courtesy. Their loss.

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You always have my respect, and I were on a date with you, I would hold the door everytime bouquet
Track, hug
thumbs up so agree, but if I got dressed up for good restaurant, my clothes would be century's old laugh
Ex, the style of the threads often come back in style dancing
Yep true thick creepers with dress fashion peace peace oh and coloured thick tights, old time hippy. laugh I do try though teddybear
Courtesy is effort to show the other person you think more of them than just a plastic bag attached to their side.
Good one, Track
hell I'm courteous to my pets lol let alone someone who got my attention.

Most of the time being courteous is its own reward but occasionally it do open doors and good things can happen because of it. More people should try it.
I also Have a lot of Respect for People and I still say Please and Thank you ,,and Hello or good day when I pass someone on the Street , But sometimes you don;t get an answer back People are to Wrap up in their Own lives or have their Head down on their Phones ..and morals and Values are Lost in the Dark ages ,,,if a man showed up at my place with flowers to take me out on a date or held the car door open for me or helped me on with my coat or even Pulled a chair out for me to sit down I would go into shock and end up in the ICU rolling on the floor laughing
Sweet, you only need/want one, I assume. If they don't pass your expectations, pass on them. It's so much like job interviews The more you "interview", the more likely you'll find what you're looking for, and it gets easier.
With all respect Ma'am, I think you are more than 40. I also feel the world has deteriated, and good manners has disappeared. I would dress more formal for a dinner out on a good restaurant and I would expect my companion to do the same. I might not go around and open the car door for her, but I would hold the door to the restaurant and her chair. Otherwise I can only agree with you.
Sir, I've been opening doors for over 30 years AND I've had doors opened for me by those under 30.
It's easy for a woman to open doors for men, cause she won't get accuse of s*xual harassment and put in prison...I will open doors for other men, elderly people, disabled, but a man never knows how a woman will react and the last thing he wants is to see, is a look of outrage on her angry face and to hear her shouting police, police, helproll eyes
Most store and restaurants in the States have two front doors about ten feet apart due to air conditioning/heating these days. To open the door for a lady in the old sense you'd have to be twins. If you open the first and hold it, you'll never get to the second one first.
Lee, you're hopeless. There's no winning a discussion with you, not that I'm trying to win. Simply offering a different perspective. I quit. Happy?
Well you don’t seem to have a care in the world about the awful things, that are happening to men and I don’t think you really took in what I said at all…I’m telling you the risks men have to take, just to open a door for a woman…I really wish I was joking and the mentally ill were not running things, but sadly this is not the case

If you want to complain at lack of chivalry, then Have a go at the feminists, cause the blame is solely on them and reason why many men, no longer open doors for women, pull chairs out for women, take women's coats etc

Also a good number of men are going their own way, cause it’s no longer worth their effort to get romantically involved with women…too much risk and very little in return
Lee, I'm not complaining. I'm expressing my point of view. I've lived 54 years and all over the country but have never witnessed an altercation due to a door being opened. Maybe I'll get lucky
Hello, Lee, I see you're "telling it like it is" again. roll eyes
I would hold a door every time just me f*ck the dress or suit
Maybe you will palm...if it is your idea of seduction
Lee, I'd rather make love than war
palm, Not many women talk about making love or the joys of sex on this siteconfused Men do want and enjoy sex, than women and it's just the way things being fertile in their 80s has a lot to do with it...the urge is still with the man and he needs to fulfil that urge...the menopause can be a big problem for women and the urge to have sex declines in later years
Lee, although menopause can lower the libido I think the mind has as much to do with pleasure as biology.
Are you saying your mind is stimulated before, during and after? Does your body still enjoy the act and do you feel pleasureconfused
Um, I enjoy a good bump. Just thinking about it gets me all squirmy
Do you ever time it with a stop watchgrin I would not use the word bump, but I would describe the act as....two bodies connecting as one and sharing pleasure
I was trying not to be graphic
maybe graphic for someone living in a nunneryrolling on the floor laughing

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