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maybe if everyone watched cheesy hallmark Christmas movies there wouldn't be soooooooo many grinches.....dancingsanta
maybe not dancingsanta
“She will talk as long as we disguise her face”…. Fast forward a few seconds as they video her before, during and after the “disguise”


Prince Andrew’s lawyer seems to suggest Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre is barred from suing him by her 2009 settlement with Epstein. Not so, says lawyer who negotiated 2009 settlement.

Its just amazing this topic keeps coming up
I Love BACON and pork belly.
Nice one Fay thumbs up I love sirloin steak and i'll be having steak for dinner tonight...
Alec Baldwin is listed on page four in Epstein's black book.laugh

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Developing as the trial continues

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Me i am sick of all the media these days so much building up of stories and oh sick of some members on here that write and copy and paste realms of covid misinformation frustrated
Yep i know all in the news but this is a singles site, and coming up for xmas and dancingsanta santa waving can these folk not give it a rest.

happy xmas all peace
Epstein didn't do it blog is gone now I have a back up act...

Maxwell trial tracker did not kill himself.

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Twitter Nukes Most Popular Ghislaine Maxwell 'Trial Tracker' Account With 525K Followers

by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Dec 08, 2021 - 12:25 PM

During the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, a few Twitter accounts have been providing extremely detailed information - Adam Klasfeld, Inner City Press, and the 'Maxwell Trial Tracker.'

On Wednesday, Twitter nuked the latter.
Trial not televised. And it seems any and all information pertaining to the rich and powerful who were happy to partake in Epstein & Maxwell's séx trafficking ring of young impressionable girls - is being deliberately being kept hidden from view. I hope I'm wrong, but it seems like this trial is just for show and to make Maxwell the sole scapegoat, rather than getting to the bottom of everything that really went on.
I'm not at hooters bill

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Its almost 3pm and no one has been seated in electric chair but tracker trail 2 been down
Sure did miss the trial

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The rich and powerful have no interest in trying the rich and powerful. Bill Clinton visited the island of horrors. The girls that were there when he was have all died allegedly of Covid and traffic accidents or just jumped out of a plane. We should expect similar when the men shown on the video tapes the FBI confiscated are named. Those girls will be located and dealt with long before any of the names on those tapes are released. Obviously the actor in that film looks just like me your honor.

So a scammer girl wrote me here. I wrote her back a lovely message. "Shoe astride the Krypton sun hot it be, but Asian girls get wet with pork." I thought that was verty romantic, but she hasn't replied. I don't understand.
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There's a cloud over my head. Chancer, will it rain?
I really enjoyed the song Chancer.

Oh did you hear? Dr. Jason the climatologists and glaciologist claimed and quote, there's a methane coming from under the earth and it's worse than any other element that can destroy our environment. I read it from Mic's blog and copied it to my environment blog.wave
POLL: More Americans want former President Donald Trump to run in 2024 than President Biden.

Researcher Featured in ‘2000 Mules’ Documentary Explains How Local Election Fraud Was Grown to National Scale.

The center of state which is centre county has over 60,000 college students which make up the blue margin but they don't live here after they graduate college.

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Key PA county DA finds numerous election code violations with ballot drop boxes

Video link over 6000 views
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