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What's Your Favorite Music Video?

Music videos have been around for some time now, however, really started making a visual statement (as art) in their own right (apart from the song); probably in the late 1980's. This was when "basic" special effects (generated by computers) came along.

Back then, (if you lived in Australia) you had to watch a show called "Countdown" (top of the pops format -on TV) to see your favorite musicians perform. In Australia, The ABC television station has a music video all night (weekends) TV show called "Rage" . In America it is MTV (or it was in the late eighties). Nowadays; of course, we have most music videos on youtube.

Anyway, you get the idea.

Blog open for each person to post their favorite music video/s.

(please post a maximum of 1 per comment). Comments are sought for each music video - Why do you like it? What makes it special?

To kick things off, I'll post a few of my favs. (there's really too many, to choose from)...

guitar guitar guitar

Comments (118)

This song always reminds me of my 1st trip to America to see my "friend" a long trip. Flying from Spain to England then onto America. I was bloody knackered but I got over it in a couple of days...Been there 8 times since then and loved it. Not in a City, the country side which reminded me of home in England....

Live 8 2005
This video is the last concert the original members of Pink Floyd performed together.

I could play this every day and not get tired of listening to it!

On the Costa at the moment.., Valencia Spain
Mercedes. I love to watch that video. It was well put together. I love the song but also love watching the girls dancing. I couldn't do that now. I'm getting older and still trying to work my new hip in but with all the walking I have to do now with our lock down is helping me lots

Tap your feet & just get lost in the zonehug
here's another, with merit...

and another, by the same band..

Mr Love

"Actually...If I'm Correct?"

"The Very First Music Video?"

"Was From The Beatles Movie"

"A Hard Days Night"...."And The Music Video Was?"

("Money Can't Buy Me Love").............................detective
lovecanbereal:I don't have a favorite music video persay but I've liked this one alot.

Sometimes I ask what love really is.
Is it the tingle you get? What is it really?

nam, yeah, you could be correct. I'm trying to include videos with modern special effects etc, which are separate to (and yet compliment, the music itself). Thanks for the contribution....
BW, thanks...
Welcome Mr.Love.
Cool songs thumbs up
Hi, merc...
Hi Aussie
Have to go offline, for a while, but I'll leave you with this classic:

I love that song BR thumbs up

This UK (Manchester) band, was well ahead of their time. Along with Kraftwerk (Germany), they were some of the true pioneers of Electronic Music. This song does not sound dated - and still resonates, (in an influential way), to this very day:

Along with this piece of Electronica genius.........


Thanks BW, Any list without Clapton, would be incomplete!

Another, very original, video concept...

Of course, this makes the list.......head banger
Thanks for the Clapton stuff BW......thumbs up
I Shot The Sheriff.

You're Welcome.

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