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The Republican lines Trump would never cross.....but does.

I remember when republican senator Lindsey Graham threatened that "There would be holy hell to pay", if Trump dared fire AG Jeff Sessions. After he fired Jeff Sessions and even campaigned against Sessions......(insert sounds of tumbleweeds and crickets).

Earlier this year, presidential candidate Joe Biden predicted that Trump would attempt to delay the election and republican talking heads stated on FOX that Trump would never try to delay the election.
Yesterday, the brat, who wanted to be king, suggested it.
What do the republican talking heads say now ? (insert sounds of tumbleweeds and crickets).

What kind of control does Dirty Don have on these people ?
I remember several witnesses who dared to step forward with s*xual charges against Trump back down after they were threatened with mob-like calls. We know Dirty Don has mob connections. Indeed, his first job as a boy, was working for a mob boss. Hmmm.
Wasn't there some sort of "head on a pike" statement brought up during the impeachment trial ?

Well, we don't know why so many republicans (all except for Romney) lack a backbone.
We can only speculate.

Either way, here's today's story from The Huffington Post;

Comments (3)

The insults and gratuitous abuse that T-Rump spewed at the other Repub candidates in 2016 would spark an "affair of honor" in less (or more) genteel times. But instead, the whole party seems to have converted to fart-catchers for that incontinent, rampaging beast. Yeah, he must have something on them.
It's really sad to witness the republican party melt into money grabbing backboneless kiss-ups.
They use their constituents, rather than represent their interests. It's sad to see democracy falling.
We knew for a long time that Trump has the dirt on those Republicans who are enabling him in his bull-shit.

He has nothing on Romney that's why he takes on Trump.

Remember the story of Adolf Hitler?

The modern name will be TRUMP.

Voters better do what is right to get him out of office and then the Military will remove him from the White House. devil

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