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Biden to pull US troops from Afghanistan

Is Joe going to welcome Al Qaeda into Afghanistan like he welcomed the illegal migrants to our southern border?
There goes our window on China, Pakistan, Iran and Russia.

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That's a negative angle on good news I would say.

Besides Taliban is there already, hmm?
No one can satisfy human get over it
There has been zero casualties in the last several months and the Taliban is in check. Afghanistan is in no position to govern itself without help and when we are gone Al Qaeda and the Taliban will run rough shod on that region setting up the likelihood of another 9/11 event.
I beg to differ. I think it's propaganda to even say that you need a afghan breeding ground to make a 911. Especially these days. Have not most terrorists attacks in Europe been from europeen immigrants plus Africa?

I don't buy this. Send the boys back home. It just ain't right to be there indefinitely.
If Trump did this my gut feeling is that you would agree.
It's the same old trenches. Good to know where to point the finger;
at Biden.
Status quo. No progress.

For the record, I support the Don (who WANTED to pull all soldiers out from ALL war scenes)
with all my heart.

Me out.
I think the president was thinking about making this move even before he won .
"There goes our window on China, Pakistan, Iran and Russia"
Neither Bush, Cheny or Rice ever stated that as being a justification for the pointless invasion of Afghanistan. Rater instead we were told it was to avenge the 4 teenage girls who got arrested for proselytizing in a Muslim country after a rich lady in Texas encouraged them to go to Afghanistan specifically to proselytize so the US could invade. Of course the Taliban allowing Bin Laden (then a hero who helped drive out the Soviets) to have a base in their country didn't much help after 911 was allowed to unfold. Now really it was all about VP Cheny's long standing personal feud with Osama Bin Laden and idiot George being told he could use Afghanistan as a springboard to make the humiliation of his dad by Saadam Hussein right while also getting the US some discount oil and allowing Cheny'sHaliburton to administer the profits.
So anyway, as I publicly predicted back then and lost my own government contracts for daring to suggest it before we invaded (the White House back then only liked to hear 'yes boss,' and not, 'that's a really dumb idea boss'), the invasion started a Boudica like movement amongst the Taliban and totally lacked the majority support of the local population and should not be done unless we were willing to commit to 50 years of annexation like occupation, long enough so that anyone who did not speak English or who remembered a time when the Taliban were in charge, was long dead of old age. As I stated then, if we are going to do this we needed to treat it like Nazi Germany and not just put boots on the ground, but take over the schools and every aspect of their culture and hang or jail for decades anyone who spoke out against the whole country becoming a little America. Well GB and Cheny didn't want to hear that nonsense so they pushed people who sounded like me aside and did their senseless invasions and after killing a few of his defense lawyers Saadam Hussein had his head ripped off in a televised hanging and GB and Cheny lived happily ever after.
I personally knew some of the young men and women we sent there and who died there. I never told them they were used as patsies and that the conflict goals were not as stated. I kept hoping the next President would do the occupation proper so at least something good would come out of it all. None ever did and from our perspective, nothing ever will.
Both Biden and Trump have no interest in continued expenditure there.
This of course means every person and every American who died there, or was maimed there.pretty much did so for nothing. All the women we taught to read and write will be beaten back in dumb and silent. All the female civil servants will be executed, Karzai will be hunted down like he was the Shah, and everything will go back to the way it was. A vote for Biden is a vote for democracy & freedom, Yeah, right. LoL

If he wants to bring some troops home how about Europe? Nazi's have been no world threat since 1945.
Eight months ago -
Congressional 'Crats blocked The Don from withdrawing troops from Afghanistan
Prob'ly because they didn't want Orange Man BAD! to appear More Peaceful than Their bogus Peace Prize Laureate.

Now that the bogus Laureate's Veep will get the credit, 'Crats (and their lapdog Media) will hail Him as the Bringer Of Peace To The Planet bowing

Their Callous, Hypocritical disregard of Afghans & U.S. troops for political posturing is Sickening ... barf

confused Why would you see war after war as anything supported by civilians and not global corporations they have the government contracts.
Military or not there are always Ops going on by any country. We are not the sole country that has wealthy civilians who hire mercenaries.
We are also not the only country that profits from pharma who utilizes universities,they bring in all countries' med techs to expedite vaccines as they do
with ITs. There are secrets any more? Like Area 51.
They claim it is unity, but is the profit the motive then for every country regardless politics or civilian votes.
I think it is time for the troops to come home. 20 years is excessive, especially since a bounty has been placed on the heads of American troops by Putin.
The US troops have served mostly in an advisory role for some time now.
The Afghanistan troops have been the ones doing most of the fighting in recent years.

This doesn't mean that there will be no US intelligence presence and monitoring.
There will also be more sanctions on Russia.
Willy, totally different topic.
We actually pulled most of our troops out of Germany shortly after the Wall came down. Thereby starting a major economic decline in Germany which had become overly accustomed to the US Dollars our servicemen and their dependents spent in Germany. Germany has been feeling the pinch (truly) and Covid hasn't helped. Meanwhile the evil Russians have started massing troops along the border with the Ukraine. We have future economic growth plans for that area and in addition to making better weapons available to the Ukraine Army there are plans to help defend it when the evil Russians attack. This means putting more troops in Europe. Now we aren't going to be dumb enough like Roosevelt was to station troops in a country about to be invaded (Philippines), but rather instead put them someplace safe, like a NATO country where a whole nother can of worms would be opened if the Russkies attacked there. So to this end this week President Biden has agreed to increase the number of US soldiers and dependents again, starting with the German provinces financially impacted the most by the 20 years ago closure of the American bases in those provinces. Life is good and US dollars are even better.
Who ever had a successful incursion in Afghanistan? Britain? Russia? America? Remember the 1980 Olympics sanctioned by America? Double standards, don't you think? The weapons supplied to the Afghans to fight Russia in 1980 have been used to kill Americans in the 2000's haven't they?
If we didn't have a base in Afghanistan, we never would have been able to find and kill Osama bin Laden.
... "Now that Orange Man BAD! can't get credit for it." - Ain't that Right, Jim?

"The Best time to get out of Afghanistan is the day before we got in. The Second best time is tomorrow."
- 'Publican Congressman Matt Goetz ... Eight Months Ago

"Good Job Democrats! thumbs up ... You've made Matt Goetz The Voice Of REASON!"
- Lefty Commentator Jimmy Dore in the vid in my comment above roll eyes

watch Joe missing his own Deadline under some pretext!laugh
@ Fargo -

Afghanistan - Where empires go to Die.
Going clear back to the Persians & the empire of Alexander The Great.

Getting Osama bin Laden -
It'd have been quicker & a Helluva Lot Cheaper to Contract him out to Private Sector Pros - Let the Mafia do it. There's precedent ...
The U.S. used Lucky Luciano's connections to facilitate the invasion of Sicily in WWII.

He'll call a lid ... sleep

Or the Generals will call the lid Listening to him give the order ...
sleep blah blah

Good Reason to stay the Hell outta Afghanistan - Nephilim Giants ...

'I think it is time for the troops to come home. 20 years is excessive, especially since a bounty has been placed on the heads of American troops by Putin.'

You're such a fúcking goon, Jim

As explained by myself and others at the time, the 'Russian bounties' story was pure fabricated BS to keep troops in Afghanistan as well as to attack Trump ahead of the election with a made-up story. This has now been all but confirmed:

And yet no doubt Jim will parrot the next anonymously sourced hit-piece as fact, like the obedient Resistance Lemming™ he is. Critical thinking is not your forte, Jim. Neither is humility, since you've been smacked down and had your propaganda exposed so many times at this stage and yet you feverishly continue at it. Which means one of two things: you're either severely mentally ill, or you know exactly what you're doing, in which case you're straight up evil.

Fake News Specialists at Daily Beast Finally Admit “Russian Bounties” Hit Piece Was as Fake as the Russia Pee-Pee Tapes
Guess JimN believed the thing about the Pee-Pee as well!Trusting Fellow he is!wow
@Conrad. When I heard that urin at the norw offical news radio NRK (our bbc)
at, I think it was the 17th of jauary 2017, I thought to myself REALLY??
Are you kidding me, is THAT your story? dafq

And I knew they would not be able to bring him down if that was all they had.
@willy How pray tell was it ever a window on China? With ships and bases ringing Eastern China what need of Afghanistan to serve that purpose? South Korea. Japan, PI, Taiwan. Not to mention Turkey!
How pray tell was it ever a window on China?

Geography 101
Look at a map. China is on the NE border of Afghanistan.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
pull troops start bombing.....
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
US and friends including my brother went there to get Bi Laden , war aim fulfilled , war won . No point wasting money building schools for the islamists to blow up . Unless of course mission creep , to stop islamist's , Pakistan has to be stopped from sending arms to them . Somebody should hack the Gaffa's teleprompter and insert speech (mutter actually) that Pakistan is to be bombed in the morning . Paki's would kick the ball off .

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