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| BREAKING - One Hour Ago | CDC: "If You're Vaxed - Lose The Mask!"

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buddiesbuddiesbuddiesbuddies ... dancing ... dance

There is an interesting social psychology to that.
Similar to a history of silent finger pointing. very mad another social TATTOO, to be looked down upon, professor scold
Fauci also said there should be more topless beaches with no masks. Many are just now awakening to the fact that global inequality in vaccine distribution means the pandemic will not formally end for years to come.

In short, it’s complicated. It’s so complicated that the study of herd immunity is itself housed. Experts now calculate the herd immunity threshold to be at least 80 percent.


The United States is preparing to have such doses on hand for Americans, while the European Union, Britain and Israel have ordered new supplies of COVID-19 vaccines to deploy as protective boosters.
Texas & Mississippi dropped ALL covid mandates the 1st week of March & advised folks to take "Personal Responsibility" ...
They've seen No appreciable increases in Covid cases in the ensuing 2 1/2 Months.

Coronavirus Disease Texas
Coronavirus Disease Mississippi
... And scroll down to the respective New Case Timelines ... applause

This is Especially Remarkable in Texas where Migrant Detainment Facilities are Crammed due to operating at Many Times capacity in response to the Migrant Crisis.

Incredible just remarkable in Texas, that Fauci's go topless or go home jeep jam was so insane. boobs galore no mask no bras.. rolling on the floor laughing

More than 86 arrests made in 24 hours in 'Go Topless Jeep weekend'

All topless
Roughly half of all National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) employees are refusing to take the COVID vaccines that they are pushing on the rest of you.
The FDA’s Peter Marks admitted that that 40-50 percent of CDC and FDA employees have opted not to take the vaccine during an exchange with Sen. Richard Burr.

WARNING TO MEDICAL RAPISTS: Stay away from me with your experimental non-vaccine. Attempted medical rape will be treated as attempted murder. Any attempt to destroy our livelihoods as punishment for refusing to be a part of your genetic experiment will be treated as an act of war. Forcing/coercing human beings to be a part of your genetic experiment is a direct violation of the Nuremberg Code--WE DO NOT CONSENT.

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This info comes from the WHO. Informed our minister of health.

“We are not certain how long vaccine protection will last. Doctors and scientists are working to understand this better and we will keep the public informed of these details,” Mkhize said.

He stressed that inoculation was not a 100% guarantee that one would not contract the coronavirus.

“The vaccine will protect you from getting severe Covid-19 disease or dying from Covid-19. However, no vaccine works 100% and we do not know whether vaccination prevents transmission of the coronavirus. It is therefore still important to follow the standard Covid-19 safety precautions to protect yourself and those around you,” he said.
Actually that is not what he said.
Plenty have caught it after being vaxed ,a few have died . Whats not clear what strain was vacinated against or what strain was caught post vaccination . US recorded deaths now over 600000 , be a few more mayors other than Cuomo with thousands of dead up their sleeves . Gaffa and all his crowing isn't doing very well .
Well if 'HE' didn't actually say exactly that, then my copy and paste skills are going down the crapper. Here is the link.

Outlining the delivery of the second phase of the national Covid-19 vaccination rollout from this week, health minister Zweli Mkhize on Sunday touched on one of the unknown but key factors of the vaccines.

“We are not certain how long vaccine protection will last. Doctors and scientists are working to understand this better and we will keep the public informed of these details,” Mkhize said.

Possibly they are feeding each country news of what they (WHO) think that the said country can handle?.
Dr. Zweli Mkhize is a huge fan of the WHO.
And the beat goes ON..
....$witching to Glide....

What did you expect*from the Vaccines ?/vaccines
Slaughterhouse of the soul / at the Gates.
Dress $exy at my Funeral / s m 0 g.

* Ambush & Triumph..( Vax $yntax.
Covid New Cases Are DOWN In All Fifty U.S. States.
New Cases In India Appear To've Peaked & Are DECLINING ... very happy

I'm happy cases are down in all 50 states, China is doing well really well less than 5000 deaths. Cuomo should ask for a book deal

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Not the best numbers but some good news, glad Biden is on the covid vaccine .Number of Americans hospitalized with COVID-19 drops below 29,000, down 3% in one daycheering
Pelosi fines unmasked house reps days after CDC says to relax vaxxed individuals. So what is the message not to follow the science here?

Many Trump supporters do not believe in the mask or the vaccine. The India strain of Covid is both more contagious and more lethal. Encouraging them to lie and throw away their mask is an excellent way of ensuring D Trump will not win in 2024 as many of his supporters will be dead by then. rolling on the floor laughing

Noting how everyone is missing that the money Dr. Faucci signed paperwork on going to Dr. Shi's work in 2018 to develop a new deadlier virus was not Dr. Faucci's money. It was money from the US Treasury and the release of millions of dollars to Dr. Shi's lab was authorized by a much, much, higher level than Dr. Faucci. The US owns the virus. It is not China's virus, it was bought and paid for and is Donald Trump's virus. professor
JUST IN - Germany declares the United Kingdom a "virus variant" region.

Better hurry up and get a new vaccine, then the booster after that and then another vaccine for a new variant. When are people gonna wake up.

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