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First Bill Maher, now Matt Taibbi - even Liberals are Waking Up

You might recall how that long-time Ultra Liberal Bill Maher was a bane against all things American, Conservative and Trump.

and then he comes up with this:

Bill Maher: The Media Needs To Stop With The Panic Porn & Fear Mongering

But, in some Liberals, or Progressives, or Leftists, whatever they might be called, there is still a sense of standards which apply across the board. When this happens, and they challenge their own, say for hypocrisy, they have strayed from the reservation, they have committed secular apostasy and are marked for punishment, or virtual un-personing, like Trotsky's fall from Communist grace and ensuing ice-picking in Mexico.

Now, another Liberal journalist, in the old style of "For the Little Guy" activism, realizes now that something is very wrong, and starts to turn his spotlight against Big Pharma:

When the Covid-19 crisis struck, the scolding utopia was no longer abstraction. The dream was reality! Pure communism had arrived! Failure to take elite advice was no longer just a deplorable faux pas. Not heeding experts was now murder. It could not be tolerated. Media coverage quickly became a single, floridly-written tirade against “expertise-deniers.”* For instance, the Atlantic headline on Kemp’s decision to end some shutdowns was, “Georgia’s Experiment in Human Sacrifice.”

Indeed, he is writing on the subject which has largely dominated our lives over the past two years.

The Cult of the Vaccine
"The jab" is just the latest story to be reported as mantra

And, in keeping Party Discipline, Taibbi has been marked as a Reactionary, just another Trostkyite, who has violated the Party Line.

What the Hell Happened to Matt Taibbi?, Carl Peterson
I used to think if we had more journalists like Matt Taibbi we could make some headway against the prevailing currents of the corporate media. What an accomplishment that would have been! A 21st century outburst of the irreverent spirit of pragmatic, democratic American straight-talking.

I remember how clearly Taibbi explained the causes and mechanisms of the 2008 economic meltdown triggered by a greed-crazed and opportunistically criminal American financial “elite,” (who, as it turned out, escaped from their self-made catastrophe with scarcely a rebuke, but plenty of reward, while regular Americans, the ones who keep this country alive [and maintain the elite on their golden perches despite repeated depredations by and systemic failures of the ruling plutocracy]--trudged on, predictably battered again.)
But Matt Taibbi’s recent article, The Inevitable Coronavirus Censorship Crisis Is Here *, published on RSN on about May 2, 2020, like a lot of his recent work, does not uphold the standard of excellence he set and maintained years ago. It seems that Taibbi is no longer attempting to speak truth to power, but is up to something else. What that is? Hard to say exactly.

("As the Covid-19 crisis progresses, censorship programs advance, amid calls for China-style control of the Internet")

I would urge the Readership to read both of Taibbi's articles and see how they *do* speak truth to power, and how the Presstitute Luegenpresse has largely abandoned their job as the Watchdog of the public trust. Instead, they are covering for the unholy cabal of Big Media, Big Pharma, Big Social Media, the CCP, and others.

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