why do we have repeated experiences?

Is it because we are stupid we cannot comprehend things around us???

Is it because we cannot accept the truth so we pretend we dont know why it happens again ?


is it to teach us what we refuse to learn????

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I know I said I was going to bed, but I just gotta comment here. I think it is the third one. Most of us don't touch a hot stove more than once, but we do the STUPIDEST things in our love lives because we are ruled by emotion, or just plain lust. It's not that we are so stupid that we don't know any better. It's just the the irrational part of our brain is stronger than the rational part. Have you ever had the experience of walking around in circles looking for your car on a huge parking lot? Common sense tells you to walk in straight lines, working from one end of the lot to the other. But the irrational part of your brain "knows" that your car is just around the corner and then you end up back where you started.
10 for the effort ill give u..tnx for the comment...u can slep now...have a sweet dream...lets talk later okay???nyt nyt...hug
Sounds like a ground hog day...we just don't learn and absorb what happened yesterday...grin cheers hug hug

And we are distend to make same mistakes today...grin cheers

Life wasn't meant to be easy...Its a mater of pride and comfort...

cheers grin drinking drinking drinking drinking hug
@carob...yeah...maybe pride is lacking in me..thats why i think I'm stupid already...am i the only one like this???confused
No you are to quick...and a little bit impatient...grin cheers

Just slow down a bit and smell the roses...grin hug hug

And look before you leap...that's all...cheers hug hug
:wavegood sunday nicey,,bouquet

@carobwave have a nice sunday too cheers
sometimes i feel so alone....

one day nice we will both be happy some how...
Im not sure how thats is we will be happy but I know some way things will work out!!

Its got too!!
take care nice!

cheers comfort
Dear Nice&Easy...it's because we want to be absolutely convinced about what we've learned ! grin I know that is ideal not make a mistake twice, but at least we can make that mistake in a different way. And it's still a progress ! grin
A kick in the a**...is a step forward ! rolling on the floor laughing wine
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing cheers hug

Go Flo...grin cheers hug
@jed hi...



I need a hard kick now now now...

i wont mind if it comes from u...lolzzzz...boxing


cheers cheers for friendship....

@ carob...

Hi..cheers lips for ur intelligence...
Well Nice&Easy...ready ?grin boxing I'll make it work !

hug hug bouquet
It's cos we tend to have patterns of thought and behaviour.And once the habit is established takes to know how to change it .
Thats what NLP teach us.Ever heard ab it ?Google it up That's my specailitybeer
some people just cant learn, how not to be stupid, they are life long victims, and doormats, and usually live miserable lives, but seem incapable of bettering themselves, they are life's pawns, forever being conquered and abused, they live in a comfort zone of misery, which they are drawn back to constantly, as if enchanted by painful living.
If you're talking about love..it is because these MISTAKES...are good looking, and sexy, and..they don't look like a mistake before..and we are trapped!..getting old we do not make so many..
and on this matter we never learn enough..we are always vulnerable..hug cheers
It's because we want to fix things...get them right. We women are famous for thinking we can change things, that we can change men. We can't! I just wrote about this in one of the forums with regards to women who gravitate towards men that are similar to their fathers. We just are always looking to make things right, to get things right, to fix things.
@mick and ben..tnx for ur comments..i'll keep it in my heart coz...both of u became so serious now coz of my blog...come on where are ur humours...i need a good laugh now...grin

@keesy and giovy...tnx girls..i appreciate ur comments...thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up
can i tell yah something nice?

It seems you are a liitle sad with your current situation, whatever that may be , could i just say things seem to have a way of turning out somehow...

relax and be calm...You can take all the time u need as I am your friend as long as u allow!!!

If I was there i would be that shoulder, the friend u can lean on regardless!

Take care my friend!cheers comfort peace hug
Whats the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result each time! ( I do that all the time! lol)
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