the best place in the world

do u know where the best place in the world is????

its right beside your friend

who is always there for you

whenever you feel alone

and hurt......

sit beside me...

lets have coffee....

move closer...

ill hug u....

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ok, thats the coffee taken care of, whats next.wink
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tell me evrything..all the hurt,,,all the madness....lets share our u will forget ur pain for a while with me....grin
alas, my madness, my pain, my suffering, is only eased the one way, then i tell jokes.
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hey ben ..dont put this pic its not me....rolling on the floor laughing kidding...well...makes me uncomfortable....tongue
tongue my friend ur really a devil...rolling on the floor laughing
Well , don't have a friend like that poor of me , she cheated with my ex 2 years ago sigh
ooopsss manroe....i dont cheat with my
ben is just a friend he knows
yes just friends, everybody knows that, we have a joke thats all.thumbs up
nothing wrong with being friendly i guess....dunno
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