I bought a crocheting book yesterday and It’s interesting. I never do a crochet before. Am still new in crocheting stuff. This lunch time, I went to crochet shop and bought some threads and crochet needle. Not sure if I cud do it or not. But, we never know if we dont try ..
dunno cool
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What you would like to crochet first.Guess!laugh
@dervish.. my first project wud be a shawl... i guessgrin
No,not right.guess again. grin
Hmmm.....I thought crocheting was something which old ladies who couldnt get out much did? For a less strenuous but equally interesting hobby, how about watching paint dry?
@ humming bird/slapper your potrait would make us laugh more so we left the plan to nomimate ur name for this. rolling on the floor laughing laugh
@ humming bird/slapper your potrait would make us laugh more so we left the plan to nomimate ur name for this. rolling on the floor laughing laugh
@ slappy uncle I would be happy to see your paint clean & dry.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing laugh
@ happy slapper.....actually knitting and crocheting has made a big come back the last decade. It helps people to unwind and relax. I know a lot of the movie stars have taken to it. dunno I have always enjoyed it. Not a lot of time for it because I also like to paint and it is time consuming to watch the paint dryuh oh

@narnia.........In the crocheting book there should be instructions on one of the pages in the beginning telling you how to make the different knotts. I would read over the book first and check the pattern out if you are going to follow a pattern. The first thing I ever did was a baby blanket. It was small and easy. Much luck and enjoyment. teddybear
Obviously it's a time consuming to see the paint dry.but in democracy there are no provisions against those people who exchanges knives & wait to watch for paint If u are moving towards creative things than it's remarkable move.hope for the best.
Mein Gott, I never realised there were so many on here with an interest in drying paint. HappyGoLucky, you sound like a highly creative spirit, however the kind of drying paint I had in mind was more the walls of a room or the iron girders of a bridge, not really watching a canvas creation. Anyway Narnia sorry, I also didnt realise that crocheting was more than a niche activity. Seems you have the makings of your own CS Crocheting Circle here. However, a bit like the rest of CS, I would be careful until you really know what you are doing as its all too easy to end up with a prick.
It is popular and it is taught in high school now. A lot of boys are learning to knit and crochet! It's not just for the old.
Im sure no English boys are learning to crochet, whatever you lot teach over there. I mean whatever next...boys will be playing netball and learning ballet. Yuk.
Men actually do crochet -- and knit! Though I haven't done it in years, I used to crochet and knit on a regular basis. As a previous poster commented, it is a great way to relieve life's daily stresses.

And, yes, I also agree with the person who advised you to look for the instructions. Crocheting is actually very simple. A few basic knots and then, repetition, repetition, repetition!!

professor wave conversing
Here you go Slapper, a girls and boys knitting club in London. laugh

There are guys that like to sew as well. dunno And there are also a lot of guys who make jewelry but that seems to be more acceptable.
Thank you very much, thats really....enlightening. However Im thinking you just set up this site yourself. I tried to register as a member and it tells me, "sorry, new memberships are currently suspended" !! I mean why would it do that unless its either a) dodgy or b) not really in use.
@ Happy_Slapper : CS Crocheting Circle ? Hahahaha, it’s only a blog, for God’s sake. Never crossed in my mind to make Crocheting Circle. Crocheting is new for me.

and Am also NEW here in this site. Less than 2 months. If you dont like my blog, I dont mind at all. handshake

@ Happy Go Lucky : Yeap. I have read the instrcutor. Hope I wont fail. But, it’s new project for me. Failure happens sometimes.. Wish me luck.. teddybear

@Music Freak : There is no lesson of Crocheting in Indonesia. I knew it from TV. And it’s kind interesting. So I bought the book. Wish me luck.. teddybear

@omgamike : Wow.. I think you have made so many. Well.. I hope I cud do it and make as many as I can... (crossed fingers)
@slapper rolling on the floor laughing I can't make websites that fast!

@Narnia93 Check out youtube for tutorials. I got into crocheting granny squares briefly a couple years ago and couldn't remember from childhood how to do it. So I went to youtube and they had some great vids.
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