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A Open Door

When I put up a blog its like opening a door of my-slef for all to see. Most of my blogs are about the Fly ,I dont like to coat from a book or books What I tell you here has happened or happening.

I can not tell any-one how to commet on a blog I see the comments as a reflection of the blog one has made.

Some commet we might like and other commet we might not like.

But then a Blog could be a painting of a landschap and what ever we see in the landschap is what we have put into this landscap.

I have come back to reflections and comments ,How real are thay.
At the end of it all I wilbe told ,

Its only fun we were making .= Our comment and reflections are not real thay are just hot air... ????

peace peace peace

Comments (42)

Fly yay thank I good I suck at painting and have no landscape, I rent my house grin I just dance, and drink on the blogs, well I guess at home 2 confused

yay PINK it is yay

I entertain myself quit well and know how to dance quite well, that I do dance buddies dance

uh oh Whew!....
Howdy King Fly.....bowing
Hi Angi I am good.dancing
Hi Fly, I agree with you to a certain extent. When you blog, it's a large part of you that are being scrutinized and you better be ready for all those comments, good or bad...

However, it's good to have different type of blogs, no? Say, some might like to quote from books or the internet, I personally think it's alright coz it reflects their thoughts on that particular day too. some like you, prefer to talk about your daily life and I find that is interesting too. At least we can catch a glimpse or two of your life?

Well, I think there's no hard and fast rules when it comes to blogging as long as they are not against the CS
cool cool Hello Fly hows life?
Miss Butterfly your house is your land schap I think.cheers
Well said Mimihandshake
Fly I don't think so confused I haven't nothing to do with it with my landscape, notta, nope, I have people that do that for me cheers plus I don't own it, so I really don't care what it looks like but trust me, it always looks good cuz I like nature, and I like clean cheers
Yes miss Z a long day I have had. We had about 70 handycap-children to ride around today in the horse carriage and thay had lots of fun, nice..peace
Hi Fly Good to see you had a great day. What a wonderful thing, bringing handicapped kids on the horses, the horses sense it too. They do alot of that here. Kids with Autism start to relate to the Horses and it brings them out of themselves. Horses are very intelligent. Your comments about Blogs are true. wine
Butterfly STOP take a step back turn around look at your-slef
what do you see ? do you see a nice woman ,a good mother ??a warm lady ? I would like to see you like that , Its my landschap of you.

My apartment is my landschap my friends are also my landschap the books I read the music I listen to and my garden some friends here on the blog are all part of my landschap.peace peace
I like your blogs as it reflects who you are. Can picture the farm and flowers and your newly painted flat because you tell us about it. hug
Children with autism are not handicapped, they are not ordinary they are beyond extrodinary heart wings
Thank you GG.cheers
Hi King Fly, how are you doing?
oh fly I am all that blushing I am, I do wear my heart on my sleeve, I make take big, for fun and I love to play, but for reals deals, probably one of the nicest person you could meet, and I truly love who I am heart wings worked hard to find me, and never getting lost again teddybear
Hi Butter I think you didnt read my reply to Mr.Fly properly,I said it was a great thing for handicapped children to go horseriding as Horses being so intuitive are great with them.... then as an Extra , I wrote about Autistic children being 'brought out of themselves ' on days out with horses. I wasnot actually saying that Autism was a Hancicap per se. My ex boyfriend of some years ago, and still my best friend has Autism so read my blog properly before you rush to jump in. Thanks Butter hug
I stand corrected golden, sorry hug
Butter No problem... I know that all Autistic/Aspberger kids and Adults are extremely intelligent and gifted and I looked after two Autistic children when I was still at school for Babysitting money, I just seem to get on especially well with them.hug Alot of people used think my friend Tom was stupid because he lacked certain social skills, people can be so so stupid, he is an immensely intelligent and creative person but thats what you are up against when you are not one of the Herd. bouquet
Hi Fly, Good time to smell the roses.wave
Its all good golden, really, I jumped the gun, my 16 year old is Autistic, so my guard is always up, cuz in my world shes like me and everyone else, shes just gifted, and sometimes I wish I saw the world through her eyes, innocence, and purity, and real....shes my everything, and is normal beyond, I wish more people had her qualities of being so Awesome, and the real deals of a heartbeat, cuz she is so damn beautiful in every which way teddybear I sit on the board for Autism in Saskatoon, beyond words, wonderful people, wonderful community, very blessed we are, and she actually did do horse therapy for 3 and a half years, and continues now to visit the horses and feed them carrots and apples....Autistic children ROCK...except their stigma of a label should be, AWESOME CHILDREN ROCK yay
Hi Mr Fly wave and all you lovely people on this blog applause

I agree, blogs and comments do show us a little of who people on here are... and I have found for the most that you are all sweethearts with BIG hearts heart beating I know they say this cyber world and people on here are not real.. but to me you are all real people who love, live laugh but also hurt and feel pain. hug
I think you are all pretty wonderful banana hug teddybear
Hi Butter I couldnot agree more , they have a simplicity of heart, and a childlike innocence, they are angels really. You are blessed to have a daughter... my old friend Roisin has a son with Autism and I try to help her with him... sometimes she doesnt seem to understand that he needs to 'act out' he is three years old. By the way my Grandfather [grandparents raised me] his brother lived most of his life from 18 to when he died, in Saskatoon. He came to stay with us for a month. What a man ! So self sufficient and in touch with nature. You are a great mother.... you have a great innocence and love of life and laughter. So your kids are lucky !hug thumbs up
EK where have you been ? .and is your windy house redy. its getting to summer time here its dark at 22:30 in the evening and becomes light at 04:45 in the morning ,longs days and alot of work.hug
Fly I love the long evenings, doesnt get dark until 9.40 approx. It makes the day long and I love relaxing with the Sun still shining, same here , its bright at 4am. I have more energy in this weather. Talking about your apartment, I need to paint mine badly and fix it up but I am not sure if I will be moving. So holding out abit. wine Have a good evening and a cool drink.
The children and some of them were older than 50 was alot of fun to be with it was there sport day today ,I told my friend that we on the Island have so little understanding of these people .I hope this will change with time.peace
Val my day was long but I had a good time. and you ???

Cal. long time no see ? How have you been ?

The best time to smell the garden is in the morning or late in the even just after sun set.peace peace
Wallop thanks for your commenthug
You are sooooo welcome Mr Fly, applause I do so enjoy reading everyones comments and picture them writing them makes people more real to me.

Sounds like you had a very good albeit long day, but very rewarding banana banana banana Think you must really love your job tip hat I take my hat of to you doing all that you do. How did your meal turn out tonight.. MAN I so wanted some of that lamb with rice!!!!sigh
Wallop I am having dinner now and the lamb is very good. my dauther is upset I should have cook the lamb on the farm she said.peace
SOOOOOOO jealous!!!!!!moping blues sigh

I will just go and eat my popcorn instead popcorn popcorn popcorn
Wallop what you need to eat now is butter cheese with herbs on crackers and a pot of mint tea...peace

I use to have port with old cheese in the winter evenings.peace peace
Mmmmmmmmm the butter cheese sounds good with herb crackers.. could really get on board with that one... hebal mint tea .. yes!!!! All sounds good to me, so you making it for us then?applause dancing applause
oh that is nice you have been enjoying a lotpeace peace
No Z I am gaving a glass of red wine then maybe read alittle before sleep. But I do like mint tea when its cold on a winters evening with a good bookcheers
GG notting cold this evening only alittle red wine and a book.hug
drinking Awww! How sweet!....
Enjoy your wine or tea and have a great night!!wine
You enjoy your evening Mr. Fly, I will enjoy my invisible butter cheese and herb crackers with my herbal mint least I won`t gain any weight!!! grin dancing dancing wave
Fly Its me, My old Teddy and a Glass of Milk with some Irish Cheddar Cheese for Supper and hopefully sleep and get up early tommorow for a busy day. Sleep well.

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