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Specially came to say hi

Some people need Google in their brains, Anti virus their hearts,
quarantine their thoughts[/color] and photos shop their faces.

What for saying here I am back because I am an addict to blogging syrup

You don't like me? Buy spyware removal you have a bug in your head, heart and mind.

While I was off my profile I just remember there is a man should be pulling a door very strongly where written push.

Have sunny Monday every one!

Bully's very sorry I have change my mind! you can try anything!

grin grin grin

Comments (27)

grin grin mimi darling how are you? I have change my mind why should I let a king of morons to win ya?cheering
Yup Zeurich!! To hell with the K.O.M!!! giggle giggle giggle
laugh laugh Yeah for sure!
Beautiful pic girl very good one!
Thanks Zeurich hug grin blushing
Well, well, the prodigal daughter has returned ...
welcome back...laugh

Embedded image from another site
wauw I want a real from that dediteddybear
Welcome back, I really missed you!dancing dog dancing dog dancing dog
All together now! Group hug!! Hi Val!!!

danceline group hug danceline group hug
Hi Zeurich, happy to see you again. group hug Thank you for the laugh today and I hope your Monday is a good one, enjoy the rest of your week too, my friend.yay teddybear hug
R SO we both come back together ( a nice omen me thinks) who is King of Morons ???? there is always one trying his luckgrin
Be happy give them two fingers and I would love a lick of that ice creamrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing tongue
Hiii.. applause
Hi girlies yeah redex, I off my profile I go there I go here,, but my fingers trilling to put it on again so yeah what for saying I am back,,, and nice to see you all back as you all... who am I missing ladies?grin grin
group hug reunion I missed all of you honestly!!!!teddybear teddybear
Hello my dear friend...

How is life treating you?
laugh laugh very well my dear.... very warm weather and looking for a fan actually....grin
Welcome back Zeu!wave
Just keep being you...forget the negative Glad your back!!!
reunion reunion Hiiiiii Gentle en Lou thank you thank you I missed you guys,,, ah no lou not any more I have sold out that zeurich in the market for highest prielaugh laugh
wave Zeu:! I havent seen you in 2 days. Were have you been? You were bullied? Bully them back! Send them mail. If they block you. Send them a friend request. If they dont approve it. Then get a scammer, to do it for you!. . . . rolling on the floor laughing
teddybear Hi angel I was gone for two days laugh And I sold old zeurich and bought new one and came backlaugh
applause Heyyy! Zeu. . . . drinking And dont forget to bully them back. My way or the highway. Men up! With it, Girl. Show them what you working with . . . . .
Zeurich sooooo good to see you back. I really missed you a lot.
Was it only two days as angel says. It looked a lot longer to me.

Watching the soccor game right now.
There can't be any Dutch left in Holland as the stadium is full of them.
Bet the streets are empty right now huh?

Zeurich is back.......yeah.....
You see you have many friends here.........

teddybear teddybear teddybear
Hello BC how are you my dear?angel yeah sweety it was 2 days. So I left my foot prints here he grin grin cool cool
heya zuerich ignore whomever you feel is bulling you..dont waste your time worrying bout what a stranger on the internet thinks of you..just block or ignore them.. glad you changed your mind bout leaving.. welcome back cheers
hi furry thank you teddybear

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