What Is Like To Be A SINGLE MOM

In my years of planning, deciding and figuring out
the best for my boys alone.
I came to realised that it's nothing even I knew it's so hard being mom and dad.
Why I said so...
Because being a mom is the unselfish role we can be
to our children. This is the whole package we can
take it with us dear moms....so CARRY ON YOU ARE DOING GREAT
JOB...cheers heart1

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Unlike you and most moms out there, I'm just the opposite.

I don't give them a clean and inspiring environment to grow up in. My house is always a mess!

I don't give them nutritious home-cooked food. I'm a terrible + miserable + horrible cook!

And their dad and I used to fight in front of them a lot.....sigh

But one thing I'm very proud of myself as a mom is......

I diligently sort out their clothes by colours and never ever scold mix the whites with the colours when it comes to the laundry! snooty
Thanks for dropping by Mimi
I am proud of you
Keep up the best mom in you

I am so proud of my 2 boys
Even they grew up without a dad
They are God fearing an obidient childrenteddybear heart beating
This doesn't reflect me as a single mom OP.

Me as a single mom is often tired, tries her best to do all the things that are required of me. To listen and try and understand. I have to remind myself the world my child is living in is very different to the one I did. So with that said. I try to help her become a young woman with what that means.

Along with taxi driver, hairdresser, cook, nurse, friend, cleaner, bill payer. Laundry maid. Teacher..

I also respect men that serve this role as I know how challenging it can be. So, my hair isn't always perfect, often it's slapped back because their needs come first. My make up isn't always applied because I don't always have time. Sometimes even my socks don't match and we won't mention the time where my shoes didn't or the times I have found my car keys in the fridge because I went to put the milk in as soon as I walked in and heard "mumm"

My patience isn't always in line with what it should be after the 100th time I hear mum. I've snapped back what now! My sleep has never been the same since. I still wake up at stupid o clock.

Does it make me a bad mom. Nope, I've done my best and still try too for my child. Am I proud, yes because some children have it harder than others. Some worse, but most of all it is just a small fraction of who I am.

Would I do it over again for her. Hell yes! But you know something. I cannot make it seem idealistic. To the future generation that may read this. It isn't..
Hey wave . Miss YSA. Ladies I've jumped in head first into relationships with families attached like yours with kids an animals and other family laugh . And there's only 1 off me laugh peace Yeha bring it on even though it's quite tiring laugh . I always enjoy. Can't have kids of my own. Born that way. peace cool I know it's a learning curve about ourselves. We have to confront our own rules and boundaries to be able to teach them etc. I got taught well by me Ma. Bless her beautiful soul. teddybear
I had twins 26 years ago and im still tired.....help
My son just turn 18, yes it’s hard for me he’s autistic but I wouldn’t have it any other way
Hi packersbabe
I know how it is to be like..
I am a RN by profession
and needs an extra patience for one like your son.
I salute u for keeping it upteddybear
Thanks Ysabel, I appreciate it
Oh and wave
wave your most welcome packersbabehandshake
I have met quite a few single moms at work and have 2 friends that are single moms. Its not easy salute to you and all the other moms out there. teddybear cheering

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