Your Profile Has Been Viewed

32,324 times.

Someone seems to like me...............................

Comments (18)

I'm not guilty Track. I only viewed it 32.300 times.innocent
laugh bouquet
Have you even thought how many time your "profile" was seen on the streets? You could have so many dates ....laugh
30k of those was probably the mods checking your profile picture laugh
Z..thumbs up laugh
71,528 laugh

It's a bit disingenuous to have to many views, and so few good dates uh oh

39K...found 1 onlylaugh
Make that 32,325 times, I just viewed you handshake
just 10 all from nutters
LoL! JJ...laugh rolling on the floor laughing
Mine's a bit higher roll eyes

118,756 very happy
Itchy, and how many quality dates out of those? laugh
was you born here itchy ...
Molly" if i say one, everyone I dated here if reading this might assume its him ...
so the best thing to reply with is NO COMMENT snooty grin

JJ, in a way you might say I was laugh

But hopefully I'll not die here sad
ah no itchy one day you will see him arriving will come out of the blue and surprise yo is how these thigs happen
Itchy, a perfect song for your post laugh

I have been viewed 10,831 times but I might have viewed them first. rolling on the floor laughing
laugh laugh great song choice Molly wine

so they say JJ, so they say wave

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