I am having a large yard sale on Sat March 17th from 8am till 5pm. It's going to be a big event the whole community is going to be involved, we will have live music a husband play banjo and his wife with spoons and their dog even joining in with howling. For the kids we will have all kind of games plus Clowns giving out Balloons, and for security we will have drones flying over with cams.

I have a lot of items that I am selling but only going to list a few.

Stove, I quit cooking only TV dinners now
pots, pans, and dishes, going nothing but paper plates and plastic cups and Utensils.
Table and chairs, don't need then going just TV stands
neighbors dog, tired of him keeping me up all night
the road close to me, tired of the traffic if you buy you have to close it down
the store close to me, he keeps going up on prices, you can only buy as long as you give me a 20% discount on all items

I have plenty of more items you will just have to come to see.

So if you have any thing just laying around and not any use to you any more tell me and why you would like to get rid of it I would like to know so I can put it in my add in paper. this is a blog to make us all laugh so put anything in if you would like.


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Ah Wen, so "yard sale" is how it's called in the usa? When I was in Aussie, I think it's called "garage sale". wave
Hi Kal. wave we have both here. I am fixing to have a garage sale for my mother at her home and it will be in her garage. A real big thing here. thumbs up
I like that you invited both Nam and me to help out at your event, Wenever. That would be a hoot! Hope it’s going well cheering
Hi Gypsy, yes and expecting you both to be here. I want to set up a booth for you to tell fortunes but if you would rather do something else we can do. thumbs up
Oh god.......uh oh
Hi Gypsy, rolling on the floor laughing ok if you got something else you would like to do just let me know, we can do thumbs up
Hanging out with Nam at a yard sale??

The list of “druthers” is long on this one, my friend laugh
Hi Gypsy, sorry for the late reply. you go girl the day will be all yours. applause
This sale sounds like a blast. What other items can you source from your neighbors?laugh thumbs up
Hi Luke, well I got my eye on a couple 4 wheelers and some nice yard furniture. I am just waiting for the right time of night, laugh

I am glad you came here I need someone to operate the drones, are you interested. laugh
Hi Wen!
How did I miss this blog? sounds like fun .... ejemmmm do you accept CS members? LOL! super

Things I want to get rid off....hmmm I´m a keeper, my moves from one country to other made me lose so much stuff but I think I have a couple of party dresses I´m not going to use anymore, no because I do not fit in wink but also because I´m not a snob social lady anymore hahahaha do you want it?
kiss Have a nice day and better week in the sunny state
Hi Cach, yes I will take anything you want to bring, and I am sure it will sale.

Glad you came on I need a activity coordinator are you interested, you would do a great job. just keep a eye on them dang clowns you know how they can act up drinking
I'll be flying under the radar don't fret....laugh
"activity coordinator" sounds like a plan my Gentleman, I´m sure we´ll have fun ....let me do the dishes and go shopping some groceries then I´ll take next fly to your garage lol!
Luke thumbs up I knew you was the man for the job. security will be important,with clowns here and most of CS bloggers. you know we will never know what to expect. laugh
Cach, I knew I could count on you, and yes going to be a great day for all. see you soon hug
Hi Wen,
About the neighbors dog; no need to sell him, just have his tail amputated. The barking will stop if it is done at the right place. About two inches behind the ears always work perfectly.
Catfoot, I think my neighbor got wind of my plan for his dog and got rid of him, or some other neighbor might have amputated his tail as you said. dunno

I have a position for you in my yard sale and all the other activities going on. I need you in the dunking booth, if you don't mine getting wet laugh
Well! I did buy the Air Fryer Friday. But I haven't had the chance to use it yet. I have family dinners at my house every Sunday." Mostly for 7 to 8 people only." Anywho! If you can still get your neighbor Air Fryer for me and ship it to me by UPS. I will return this one or just sale it to someone else for the same price that I paid for it. Since it is still boxed up!

True Friend! Right?..............hug
Hi Angel wave I wish I had told me this earlier they was gone last night I could have gotten it then. but yes I will keep a eye on them and get that for you. I just wish you would have used yours to fry chicken I still want to know. are you coming to my yard sale if so I could have the air fryer to give you to save on ups. laugh

I am always waiting for you anyway on the porch. moping
Sure! I Am Coming To The Yard sale. That Is What True Friends Do......... hug

Ps. Maybe! You Should Ask Catfoot, If You Should Invite Us!.............rolling on the floor laughing
Angei, glad you are coming, and I sent Catfoot a invite and asked him if he would be in the dunking booth if he doesn't mind getting wet rolling on the floor laughing

when you come you will find me on the porch waiting as I have for so long moping
I Can Be There!
Just Send Me A Plane Ticket!

That is what real friends do!........conversing Lol!
Angel, give me a couple days to see what I can do in the neighborhood but I am going to do my best to get you plane ticket. Are you going to cook me some fried chicken in the air fryer if I get you here. laugh

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