The Morning After

She may have lost that loving feeling but when Paul Shane saw the re-run of this he must have got that sinking feeling, big time.

How can something seem like a good idea one minute and then, the next, make you want to curl up and die. It happens to me regularly. Most mornings when I wake up and consciousness slowly seeps into my head, the memory of some of the things I've posted on the forum, the night before, comes back to me and I feel like burying my head under the pillow. But then, I go and do it all over again. What's going on? Please tell me I'm not the only one locked into a cycle of self humiliation.

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I was debating whether to go through all your posts to see if I can find an embarrassing one you wrote, but it might be easier if you gave some examples of cringy ones instead.
Pick any at random, molly. This morning I woke up feeling sheepish about my contributions to a blog about putting a caption to a photo. There's always something to regret.
That was the best comment there.

Once I saw that, I didn't even try anymore
I want to believe that, molly, so I am going to, for your sake. Doesn't it ever happen to you, molly?
I don't do regrets. It's a waste of time.
That goes for both real life and here.
Would I have done some things differently if I could go back? Yes.
But I can't. So there is no point in self-flagellation.
Dust yourself off, and move on.
Mmmmmmmm, self flagellationsmitten
I think that's a good attitude to have, molly, but I must admit that I was rather hoping for more "yes, I'm always doing things to embarrass myself" type of responses.
BN, I'd love to see inside your head for 5 minutes laugh
You can delete mine if you want. I don't want you to feel even worse about yourself tomorrow morning
Molly, you can look at my head anytime
Molly, I would cut my right arm off before I would delete you.
That's all I'd be doing to it.

Oh, and maybe laughing
Har, you would definitely wake up with regrets if you did that.
You're right, molly, if I ever met you I wouldn't be able to give you a proper hug. hug
Aw Har, that's sweet
I would share a view here but not wanting to feel like a COG in a wheel, think it best I don't .. after all who's to say how it would end up... Maybe not appreciated, so rather risk my comment being a greek great tragedy, think it best I say nothing a tall snooty

I've no doubt Bambi's mother would totally agree with me bunny
I know he is a terrible singer, but the sad fact is that even he sounds better than I do. . . . blushing
If im gonna do or say gonna do or say it without regret....laugh
Itchy ~ Get off your Grecian High Horse! ~~ I SNOOK back in, ~ had to take a look, t
Why is the song 'Lady in Red' going through my mind ?
So much for the poor little Wifey making Mousakka at home.:
ZORBA the GREEK is back on C. S with a mission.
Itchy ~ me thinks you are a COGent Historian a romantic one at that.flirty
Telling me romantic tales from my Hospital bed !!
Talk about the morning after moping
Don't worry Harb,

You're not alone.....I cringe big time with what I come out with at times.

If it's really bad.....I'll take a compulsory timeout and disappear for a few days.

If I've uttered something totally reckless, I'm outta here for at least a month.....rolling on the floor laughing

Happens too regularly.

Hiya Goldie.. wow can´t keep away, can you? wink

Why can´t you just take it easy and relax - especially if you´re in hospital? comfort bouquet
Really, Berry? I'll have to pay closer attention to your posts, reckless ones are my favourite. grin
Daniela wave They have WIFI in here, everyone in this ward for 4 has their Smartphone going, just to keep their minds off. Some very sick people. ~ I had not intended coming back. I guess you are right.
I was just having a bit of banter.

The funny thing is, I have not been in contact with Itchy. But I am a bit of a Ms. Marple when it comes to profiles. detective You are right though, I should concentrate on my health.
So, I am going to take your advise. IT is hard to sleep in here. Pain bad so am on a lot of painkillers, as in Morphine. Not a nice 'buzz' just fuzzy.
Tbh, mine too long as it's not me spilling forth.....laugh

I remember once posting a blog while piss drunk. The next day, it was a blog I was less than happy with. I remember not even wanting to read it that next day. But, it was what it was, and let it be. My life still continued. laugh

Johnny, I never drink enough to get drunk, only enough to cloud my judgement.

Berry, Yes, we have to be careful not to spill forth in public.
Well, I am glad that I haven´t got that problem! I am always fully conscious when I write and in full capacity of my physical, emotional and mental faculties. cheering

@ Goldie. I´m sorry to hear it. Hope that the op went alright? bouquet
I´ve never had lengthy stays in hospital - just in and out - yes, that´s me. I had to sign myself out last time!
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