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Materializing the Dream

I've had so very many dreams
That faded in the morning light.
And a dream as real as it seems
Can only live at night.

They tell of things the heart desires
And sometimes they come to pass
But only once the mind retires
To seek sleep's greener grass.

One lover always came to me
While deep in restless sleep.
Although her face I could not see
And her hand I could not keep.

I knew her by the way she felt
As I held her to my chest.
Together merging, we would melt
Forsaking all the rest.

But morning light was harsh and cold.
And I'd waken all alone
With promises I must uphold
That turned my heart to stone.

The real world has no such dreams
For this love can't exist.
Such folly, yes, a sane mind deems.
Such folly I'd resist.

As my life began to shape and change
I took a different course
Like a rider on the open range
Set surely on his horse.

Never resting, on the move
No camp was I to make.
There was nothing more for me to prove
And nothing to forsake.

Those pockets full of pyrite
I did empty with disgust.
No need for that to travel lite
So I left it in my dust.

I knew for me the time was now
To seek what I could find.
And see if fortune would allow
A fate for me that's kind.

No room at all for compromise
No time at all for fear.
No settling for half-assed lies
I'd left them to my rear.

But could I find the love I'd sought?
The love I knew in dreams?
Life's lessons learned and also taught
Not all is what it seems.

No, giving up was not the way
And I knew I'd never rest.
And nothing more of love I'd say
Till I put it to the test.

And so I searched to find my love
And I knew I'd know her heart.
The one that I'd been dreaming of
To join and never part.

For years I tried to figure out
Just what a love should be.
And at last I know there is no doubt
My love has set me free.

I didn't know I'd find her here
There was no way to know.
But once I did it all came clear.
I'll never let her go.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
I looked for Ladybee42 my whole life. I just didn't know exactly what she looked like or where she lived, but I knew who I was looking for and words can never express the feelings I've felt now that I've found her.

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Comments (9)

Cheers you two! wine Hope it all works out for you both! beer
on the bed of poetry
a soulpair finds his continuity''
a real dream must be enjoyed
cos' i believe..youTwo deserve it thumbs up thumbs up
the future is behind us...that is to say, we can see the past but none of us can see the future - at least not clearly. a wonderful poem from a wonderful person.smitten bouquet bouquet bouquet
bouquet Congrats to you both and may the good times/future always be bright for you together!hug
Wow congrats you two another loving pair, that surely gives one hope Poem wonderful tooyay peace cheering
it's amazing when you meet the one you've known you were looking for, isn't it? universal deja vu? jedi mind trick? heh. so many congratulations and well wishes to you both...loving souls. bouquet
Embedded image from another site

Thanks! In case that didn't have the image, here's the link:

can i be the first to say: aaawwwwww!!! and jeez, i'm usually not this mushy. laugh
You two look so happy together! So who's moving across the pond?
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