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How You Know.

Pearls of wisdom are all about
But is there truth behind it?
How, you ask, do you know love?
"You'll know it when you find it".

Is that the truth, the simple core?
The heart of wisdom in this vein?
Or specious words of wisdom void
And utterly inane?

To recognize what you've not known
Because, it's said you will,
Is hard to grasp or comprehend.
Think of that what you will.

And so you've met that special one.
So different from the rest.
You want to pull a litmus strip
And put it to the test.

But you're hanging out there on your own
No litmus strips to use.
Uncertainty besets you
With the thought that you might lose.

You have to know, you tell yourself.
You must this time be sure.
For one more heartbreak is too great.
A blow you can't endure.

But maybe it can't be defined
With clarity of thought,
But only as this love is all
That other loves were not.

Perhaps "not love" is all we need
To know and judge aright.
As darkness best can be defined
as absence of the light.

When all it is is all you want
And nothing in short measure
You'll know it's love; all doubt dispelled
And you have found your treasure.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
I spoke with my daughter over the weekend. I said I was now able to tell her something I could never tell her before. I've never repeated to her the common wisdom of love that "You'll know it when you find it" because until I met LadyBee, I had no way to know if it was true. But now I do know that it's true. Like love, itself, though... you'll only know this as truth after you've found it.

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Comments (7)

beautifully expressed gardenhackle, pearls of wisdom, dotted with shrapnel of love, methinks. best to you both, sure the darlin crater, is from Waterford, you cant go wrong. ben999
GH...your words ring true, and so eloquently, to boot. that feeling, when your soul jumps up and down, tugs on your sleeve and says HEY, THIS IS IT...indeed, you just know, no fear. still so happy for the both of you, beautiful souls entwined. bouquet
An honest poem from an honest man, wisdom that you haven't experienced is sometimes hard to believe, though you may want to with all your heart because it gives hope. you do know it when you find it...that's spoken from experience!..angel
lovely poem GH bouquet bouquet bouquet
All very true my friend, and you never know how it is going to turn up, sometimes instantly at first sight, another time it will sneak up and catch you unawares.....tricky hey? nice poem too.......Andrew. cool
Wow...this discovery ought to be tagged as a supreme one....applause Nice write thanks....
Wow...this discovery ought to be tagged as a supreme one....applause Nice write thanks....
Wow...this discovery ought to be tagged as a supreme one....applause Nice write thanks....
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