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Up is down and down is up
And sideways thoughts assault me.
Babbling noises blast my ears
Devoid of rationality.

Chaos rules this mad house
As the time ticks slowly by
Accused of countless wicked things
That no one can deny.

It matters not who's nuts or sane
when 'ere those forces meet
For neither one can ever win
Nor can accept defeat.

It's all just utter madness
And it's just gone on and on.
And cannot, will not ever change
'Til one is out and gone.

Gone for good or just a week,
It's a damned fine change of pace
And I really need a holiday
That's miles from this place.

Contented days of sanity
Are waiting now for me.
Beyond a single wakeup past
A count of days just three.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010

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Comments (11)

Until your return, be well and happy and at peace bouquet
Bon Voyage! beer
yep, leave the madhouse to the monkeys and go enjoy some R&R(&B!)...nice write, GH...everyone needs a break every now and then, 'specially with the one they adore. have fun, you crazy kids! cheers
Hi, gardenhackle,
It is truly uncomfortable to witness the pain of others knowing For neither one can ever win and be without the power to affect a positive result. May souls heal and love prevail to calm the madness. Enjoy your time away!!!
enjoy and have a nice get together with your special one,,bless you both,,the mad house will still be waiting for your return both,,takecarecheers
Enjoy the down time GH!bouquet
May your respite rejuvenate your heart and soul, gh.
Have a wonderful time. hug
Hope your break proves madly happylaugh Once you have visited the mad house sanity will be too tame gardenhackle, rolling on the floor laughing loved the versebeer
Thanks everyone!!! Friday at 7:40 LadyBee's plane pulls up to the gate and I pick her up for a week together at a beach house on the outer banks of north Carolina. I'm. Counting the minutes and hours till she's in my arms again. 3 days. 8 hours. 31 minutes.
Congrats!! I wish you both joy! bouquet
i am all excited and delighted....blushing the break can't come soon enough and it won't last long enough...time sucks some-times!
wave purple heart purple heart to leave all your worries behind for a short time is good, but in the near future things will be better GH. lovely poem from the less wanted places..
bouquet bouquet lips
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