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Little Black Cloud

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Little black cloud
Dreary dark and pallid
Gazing down transfixed
Never seeing light
Back against the sun
Ever shining though obscured
Vainly expecting to be
Admired for persistence
In denying it's existence
Demanding to be seen
Attention sought by casting shadows

Little Black Cloud
Grim and so insipid
Glaring and staring
Only looking down
Ever seeing only dirt
Projecting large and mighty
Really transient and flighty
Dreary pallor belied
The weary valor implied
Transparent in your darkness
A lofty void of substance
Only Air

Little black cloud
You darken the world
Your nature is such
You will be gone as you came
Leaving the world the unchanged
Giving no rain
Leaving no trace
Neither nourishing
Nor encouraging
Neither supporting
Nor thwarting
Merely vapor.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
Black clouds are part of life. They can appear out of nowhere, but they will go just as quickly and when they're gone, they leave not so much as a trace. The holidays are a time of year with a high incidence of depression, but if a black cloud darkens your day remember that this, too, shall soon pass.

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Comments (5)

Aha how these clouds love to form about me this time of year. I panic and beat at the air and shoe them fiercely. It is a good reminder to feed them not and only allow the sun to do its work.
ReaderOfSoulsonline now!
As quickly as a black cloud forms, it is gone. In Texas we call them Blue Northers or Nor'easters. Some can really blow in and temperatures will drop like a stone, then the sun comes out and it's sunshine-y and warm once more. :)

May peace reign in people's hearts and if sadness comes to play, may they be guided by a kind and loving hand who shows them peace. :)

Great write, hon. thumbs up hug heart wings
well said gh,youre truly right,,thats life,,sometimes full of trials,,but lets take it as a dark clouds that just passes by,it will be bright again,,good thought and very nice poem sircheers teddybear
Thank you, Elo, ROS and Jeddah for your very flattering comments. With the approaching holidays, I was reminded that as much joy and happiness as they bring to many, for some, it's a dreadfully lonely time. I have to think that seasonal affective disorder also has some causal relationship with the days being shortest and nights being longest during this coming time of year.
G.H. - nice write of a short lived reign, a little black cloud, vaporous stain. ;-)
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