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~Dancin upon Red River Sky~

Dancin upon Red River Sky, jumpin on clouds, wakin the Moon. Dancin upon Red River Sky, sun beam in ray, an red belly clouds. Dancin upon Red River Sky sun is in set with a moon breakin shy. Dancin upon Red River Sky with canyons below birds upon flight. Dancin upon Red River Sky .z. . .z.z.z.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
Perhaps one two many fires this weekend with a chair under me lol. Cheers all.

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Comments (12)

Good, vividly visual write,

Had to read this one of course, jumpin on clouds wakin the moonrolling on the floor laughing Just greatcheers
Great imagery! beer
Vivid write Bentlee..enjoyedthumbs up
Thanks for sharing.

Ty CJ for your words. Lol yeah it was fun to imagine as it wrote:)
Lol ty Red, don't try that at home alone eh lol cheers:)
Hey Bentlee, One too many......? lol. beer angel flirty
Ty Free, i like this expressive with image captured in word when it can poke the imagination eh :)
Ty Ljj for commenting, my pleasure:)
Lol hi Luvu, yeah something like that, oh yeah too many fires over the weekend, second hand campfire smoke lol cheers.
Sounds like a great time. Maybe I need to build a campfire?! Nice poem. Thanks.
Ur welcome Pink, yes you do an have one on occasion, it's a great relax under the stars:)
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