~Shadows in the dark~

Bird of paradise flying round and round
Rose colored glasses
Air's filled
Not a sound
as you wipe the drool away from your chin. Mockingbird tells the stories of naught, as Pegasus climbs, heights of unbound. White in the face of never look down, Macaw cracks the thought that keeps holding tight, Crow is in chatter in your mind there tonight, as you pull up the cover to stifle your ear, a mother's little helper will settle the thought, a script from the pad of paper you got, the wait was incredibly arduous for such...........

as them shadows appeared alone in the dark

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2016
About this poem:
Always remind yourself to think of nothing as soon as your mind starts to think, when it's the golden hour of sleep time............

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August is peak vacation time. Must explain the lack of audience and comment activity.
Yet with all the net-screens accompanying every getaway, just seems odd that things are This August Quiet..
-Bentlee, as with many of the writes you share so freely here, this one further demonstrates your selfless devotion to your writing as a craft. -Thank you Sir!

^ neathepines ^
ty BeneathePines, ty for such recognition, we all seem to have different ways to communicate inner feeling, which truly often covers many areas and as we write these thoughts it's in hopes that perhaps one or even many can relate and maybe take a piece of that thought and help their day or their ways with it..............

lol yes the days of August with so much to do like taking in as much of the last part of summer as possible........

Cheers and ty for commenting.
godsprincessonline today!
You need a cat to keep those pesky birds and thoughts away - the cat will snuggle up and purr you to sleep!

Kathy teddybear
excellent pen dear friend angel grin
Hi Kathy, so true, like a cat on a hot tin roof, keeps all at bay...........

For many years sleeping was tough, awake at the slight sound of anything, or the mental thought of nothing I can do about it right now.

A friend said once, when you think of something, in turn tell your mind to think of nothing and throw away that thought. Dam that works, well yes of course with training to do so....as it took a few years to get there. Here I am sharing that message to the ones that perhaps have never tried it.

I do have a cat, as a matter of fact, apparently he owns me, as do most cat's and their unsuspecting providers lol.


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