~Day of the Riot~

~Morning arrived as it did other days, yet this one was different, as my feet stuck out the end, yes the end of the blankets that covered my head, while my arms were in fold with that pillow of foam, I reached down below for that good morning stretch, muscles that read on that richter scaled graph, a slice of the sun moved through the drapes, hands to the wall face looking up, sigh of relief and a barking loud laugh, sleep from the eyes on that facecloth they lay, now that mug topped with steam pleasured the sight, cat doin laps round the left foot then right,

Then the day of the riot had now simply begun

My face cut the breeze like a hair splitting knife, that water ahead made adrenaline flow, paddle in hand bringing sweat to my brow, in the distance that melt yes, that's where it begins, the reason that's why this moments afloat, bow's in full slap as forearms in wipe, trouble ahead peripheral sight, that smile that starts when you first kneel down, knowing the water as you feel it below

white waters no friend,
nor the rocks in the wall
the ones in the river
some were set
some did fall
from the top of both sides
and all the way down
the best part of all
they'd made not a sound


Adrenaline of love's, against all the odds~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2016
About this poem:
So was it a riot or was it a riot.

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Hi Bentlee

Really enjoyed reading very unusual style and it drew me in from the start.

Beautiful bouquet

Martina xxxteddybear heart wings
Ty Martina, it can be so elusive at times to get that initial draw with what we write, I know you as well as I take pride in putting our thoughts to paper. wine hug
southmiami4321online today!
How sometimes we begin to write, like coming out of the box...
Caught initial attention to flow to destination..
Thanks for sharing SMwave
and what we gleen in between, ty Sm..........wine hug I truly love to write.................
trurorobonline today!
Enjoyed this Jon, the adrenaline rush of white water rafting or canoeing, is how I saw it, living life to the full.
Rob isn't that the best feeling in the world, that release of adrenaline taking something on that simply feeds the drive of what a person looks for. You nailed it with what you got out of it, yet I wanted to also let it feed others imagination in anyway they can relate with my double play on the word Riot.............excitement of the mind(riot), while battling the odds(riot).

Cheers my friend, hope all is well that side.

cheers hug
Loved it Bentlee

We ride the white waters
Rapids, adrenaline high.
Until the rocks bang.
We sink like a stone
To roll once more
onto the shore.
Spluttering, grazed,
amazed we swim back
To white rapids
For our lifes fix
And more
ty Red and ty for your little write and adding to the mystique of being in the throws of some wild water, sure gets the juices flowing doing such...............wine hug
Hi I also feel life itself is like the white rapids. sink or swim with a few bangs on the journey.peace
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