~Bentlee Challenge-One of your earliest funny memories~

~In-no-cent Moon~

Once upon a time, I ran out of the house
My azz had no cover
I was small as a mouse
To the corner store I ran
With my moon shining bright

The patrons at cash
Laughed at the sight
Of my small tiny azz
Walking the floor

Candy in hand
Looking up to the clerk
My pockets were empty
I'd left them at home.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2017
About this poem:
This is one of my fondest memories as a little boy, in my fourth year, totally naked head to toe..........

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Comments (14)

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing I can see you now---doing that Bentlee wow
Funny no doubt. ...had a few similar episodes myself. beer
trying to find poem for challenge blues
godsprincessonline today!
What I want to know is - did they give you the candy for free for the entertainment? banana rolling on the floor laughing

Kathy wink teddybear
Lol Red, that sounds like a dare............geeeeez i just can't bring myself to such a task lol. wine hug
Well Candykid, I'm thinkin ur workin on one of them there times right about now to bring in some more fun and laughter........................cheers confused c'mon the time is now.............

Yeah it was my first escape to the end of the block....
I know deep down u have something that sticks to your ribs along with your funny bone to write about.............wine hug
Well Kathy i think that day there was an account set up for me to get me outta the store lol. Yep back then it was sure a different time..............I did get to have some candy, weather it was paid of or not, I'll never know, I was totally free and a bit of candy too. wine hug
socrates44online today!

Lovely piece depicting the innocence of childhood.
It must have been a very entertaining sight for the store patrons.

I have written a poem describing an incident that occurred when I was about seven years old.

It involved a friend and I making “chocolate ice cream” from sifted sand and dirt, similar to making mud pies.
A greedy seven year actually ventured to taste the ice cream.

I hesitate posting it since some may find it offensive.

I think your challenge is interesting.

Have a nice day.
Socrates, I've always believed that if the fear of upsetting someone with some writing curtails a thought, then the thoughts given, where do they then come from. A held pen with borders, or a held pen that has so much to say.......................sorry for my reply here as there is no dis-respect, simply a little push to write what and how it should be written without fear. After all the words written may be the ones to get them to the next place they need be..............crap shoot I know, but I never try to stranglehold what I want to write as then it seems to become sugar coated for the wrong reasons. cheers to the freedom of the paper and pen.
southmiami4321online today!
You gave me something to laugh about Bentlee, so much innocence when we were young. Enjoyed your little moonlight challenge.....: laugh: SM
Hi Bentlee
Memories at youngster age.
Thanks for sharing.

Hello south, it always brings a smile to my face knowing I can offer a good laugh in one's day...........ty. wine hug
Hi Soph, innocence of a child, yes, it is just that that can teach us where and how the world should be. wine hug
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