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~Did you let her go~

Did you ever have the feeling
That was the best you ever had
Did you help it feel good
Or did it get there
By itself.

It's said life's not about love
Yet, if it's knockin on your door
Would you open it wide.

Your face has a smile
That comes from within
Door bell was rang
Fifth time we try.

Walk of shame never happens
When you believe in your stay.

There's a connect that you find
That idles your life where you spend most your time
Tho your heart gets trumped by your mind everytime.

That hand with a finger touching your face
Your mind saw it often
Yet it had to erase
A time in your life that was so
Good for you.

Those sheets full of memory
Washed down the drain
Love you never had
Filled in the blanks.

It's five am, from the sheets you rise
Hands are empty, tho the mind sit's quite full.

Dam it that dream kept it alive
What I wanted in life
Yet your ears that were wet
Failed to see.

Was it you
Or was it me
Arms now arthritic
So much time has passed by.

My words now release you to settle my heart
A place where we started, now time to depart.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2015

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Comments (6)

feelings are separated, real or dream. dreams sometimes come true, yet, mine never do. sad words came to mind as i was reading ur poem.
Bentleeonline today!
Perhaps some of those realities are held as a dream instead. Ty for your thoughts Luvu. wine
yes Bentlee, u might be right. dreams are beautiful, yet reality is what bursts the dreams in an instant when the mind won't believe what the heart already knows. thanks for ur comment sad flower
Rachael_0622online today!
Dear Bentlee
Loved your read
Very touching
R u still on site?
Bentleeonline today!
Hello Rachael, ty for your words, its been some time since I wrote, I hope to again soon, hug wine
Rachael_0622online today!
Hi Bentlee

Sometimes the words are brewing
From the Angels divine to the mind
You're mine, It says
Then the tea kettle listens and says
I'm talking in your ear
Are you listening?
To your assignment
I'm screaming for your attention!
The water boiling on the stove
The steam is whistling in the spout
Now the message is ripe
Type type type
Holding all calls
Ripe for the picking
I'm going to publish this
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