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Memory Of a Rose

Standing tall ..
No matter how many times
I fall ..
I stay Strong ...

I come with too many colors
Just to light up your day...
You send me to your lover
With a note ..
I'll Love you all the way ..

And when you cry
You would hold me so tight
And blame me ..
Till Im full of tears
Full of lonly nights ..

Gotta tell you a secret
I may seam so small
But I know it all
I know it when you're sad
And I know it when you're happy
I may sound so quite
But In the heart
Is where you'll find me
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
I just received bunch of beautiful Red & white Roses ..
And the words just came through my mind ..

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Comments (9)

Well Swan
Lucky you....the roses I mean...but......lovely poem of love...
kinda unique focus.....Niahbouquet
Roses Are the best way of Saying :
Im sorry ! I still love you !bouquet

Thanx alot my dear for the comment ..Sweet of you

beautiful poem as beautiful as you sis..wonderful wine bouquet
hi swan what a lovely poem you write today..with good positives ...well done..thumbs up
cool thoughts swan..thumbs up bouquet
Roses and a beautiful poem like this should say it all thumbs up
So someone has been bad to you beware of thorns. Lovely poem swanteddybear
Hi Swan, nice poem. Interesting perspective bouquet
Hey Everyone wave lips
Thanks alot for such a sweet and loveable comments
means ALOT to me hug

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