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Dad , The House is Empty

Dad , We've finshed moving Out
Our House is Empty..
And The Silence is so loud
Dad , I wish you were around
To see the new house ..
I wonder if you're lookin down
Upon us ..
Dad , Today I've picked up
The last Shirt you used to wear
I can still smell your perfuem
In it , everywhere
I kept on hugging this shirt
Till the last tear ..
Dad , It's sad to leave this place
Our last moments is living there ..
Our laughs and talks ..
And you're Beautiful face ..
The house is empty dad ..
As Im looking up to pray for you ..
Wishing you peace and joy ..
I hold on to your shirt for a while ..
And locked up our house ..
For the last time
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2010
About this poem:
We've moved out of the house where Dad past away ..and it's hard as hell to leave this place !! even the THINGS can say goodbye !!

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Comments (8)

Its really hard leaving a place with precious memories.I understand how you feel my dear,But remember wherever you go he goes with you cause he still lives in your heart.sad flower hug comfort bouquet
Hi, Swan87,
Unavoidably, loss manages to find us even when the House is Empty. Fortunately, so, too, do loving memories. May they continue to wrap around you with love and keep you safe and warm.
Yes,even their clothes seem to hold something....
Yes'll never completely let go, but then why should you, as Paloma said, he will be with your heart...
We left our house...and being kids we had to return to watch the initial stripping before demolishing...We never understood a huge ball would crash through the outer bedroom wallpaper once private, was seen by those who stood as the ball returned again and again to detroy the outer wall....Houses are bricks and mortar...keep your memories safe.....Niahteddybear
marikiaonline today!
Yes, Swan, it is so sad what you're writing ... The loss of your father ... it is so unbearable ... I wish that sharp pain of loss should pass away leaving just memories not so poignant at least. Keep in good spirits - that will help.
nice way to epress how much u love n care someone..even we pray for joy n peace for ur dad's soul
trurorobonline today!
sad Swan but a lovely remembrance, he goes with you anyway!
Such a touching poem; remember that our loved ones live on in our hearts and in our precious memories.. when you miss him just look in the mirror and he will be there, with the comforting, caring and heartwarming look that only a parent can give. God bless you dearest Swan, you are a wonderfully gentle soul..
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